The Importance Of Stereotypes In The United States

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Stereotypes are very prevalent in the United States today. Throughout my life I have seen these stereotypes. In high school, I went to a predominantly black school and I witnessed not only myself, but also my friends being put into a certain group because of our skin color. When we would go play basketball we would be known as the “white boys” and all people thought we could do was shoot. I thought that maybe it was because they had never seen us before, but then my opinion changed. I was always picked last when playing with a new group of black guys. The thing about this stereotype is that when they finally let me play, I played extremely well and made my own stereotype for myself. Another example would be that people automatically thought …show more content…
I feel as if the white culture is persecuted and under the microscope more than any other race due to the fact of our nation’s history and its battle with slavery and equal rights. My opinion on the issue is that in order for the racial and stereotype problems in the United States to be resolved, we must put aside our differences and opinions on race. I also think that people saying they are not getting certain opportunities because of their race is ridiculous and should be considered racism in itself. Susan Fenner writes that in 2013 there were 33,068 racial discrimination charges files placed and around 24,175 of these allegations were found to be nothing at all. In America, people tend to automatically throw the race card when they don’t get certain things. That is setting a barrier and saying that there is a difference between the two people. Race should play no part in whether someone gets a job or gets fired. I personally do not agree with the government setting certain quotas that have to be filled as it pertains to race in the work place. The idea of setting quotas is racism in itself. People are getting judged solely on how they look and that is the thing that we are trying to avoid in this country. Why should someone be denied from a job because of their appearance? I realize that most of these laws are put in place to protect people from being discriminated, but I feel like people in today’s society are taking advantage of the laws. I also think that people are taking advantage of racism. I have heard numerous stories of people have issues with someone and calling the person a racist because there is no getting out of that. The second someone is accused of racism, their entire reputation is ruined and they are placed into that category for the rest of their lives. The owner of the Clippers did have racist comments and his life was ruined

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