The Pros And Cons Of The Nuclear Family

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When thinking of the “typical” American family or the “Nuclear Family”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Most of the time it is one mother, one father, and both parent two children around the same age. The “Nuclear Family” is exactly that. It is a family that consists of only one mother, one father and children. Nonetheless, in the twenty first century there is no longer the presence of the nuclear family. Reasoning for that would be that in today 's society, there are so many more combinations of a “family”, different interpretations, and definitions that the nuclear family just does not fit anymore. Gay marriage is now legal in all fifty states. With gay marriage there are some children that have two fathers or two mothers. …show more content…
The main argument that is presented by this side would be the fact that most people are happy, and feel lucky that they were able to marry someone. This also is saying that in this way, both the husband and the wife do equal work. Wilcox writes, “In fact, 73 percent of married fathers and 68 percent of married mothers reported that their marriage was fair…”(Wilcox, 54). The effect of this means that it is a happy home, and everyone is doing their equal part to ensure that the family runs the way that it should. One of the arguments that the other side presents is the fact that there is not a lot of equal work, and that is why the American family is in trouble. However, Wilcox 's argues that, “Thus, in average families across the nation, married men and married women work roughly the same total hours for their families, judge their marriages to be fair, and enjoy happy marriages” (Wilcox, 54). By writing this he is refuting the argument that there is no equal work in the family anymore. Statistically the stay at home mother does just as much work as her husband who works a 40 hour job. The argument for this would be because she is tending for a house solely on her own, as well as herself, her children, and her husband. Add in dinner, grocery shopping, children 's needs (sports, school, etc), and she works just as much and as long as the father who works forty hours a week. The first sociological concept that comes to mind with this argument would be, the sociological imagination. Kendall defines this as, “the ability to see the relationship between individual experiences and the larger society” (Kendall, 8). Due to this, it allows this side of the argument to notice that there are people and there are reasons that people claim that the American Family is in trouble. It strengthens their argument because it allows the individual to see the

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