Film Analysis: The Girl On The Train

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Reported from Variety, actors Jared Leto and Chris Evans are being strongly considered for the Dreamworks film adaptation of Paula Hawkins best-selling novel The Girl on the Train. The novel follows a woman who has just gone through a tumultuous divorce, but finds relish in her train commute. She observes a married couple from a far on her way to work, envisioning they live a perfect romantic life, but then finds herself tied into a strange mystery involving this couple.

The film has already found a trio of actresses to appear in the film with it confirmed that Emily Blunt will star in it, and that Rebecca Ferguson and Haley Bennett will have supporting roles. If Evans and Leto do sign on to the film, then they would play the husbands of Ferguson and Bennett's characters respectively. The film will be directed by Tate Taylor, from a script written by Cressida Wilson. Marc Platt will act as producer, and Jared LeBoff will be the executive producer.
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In the wake of the critical and commercial success of the film adaptation of Gone Girl (another best-selling mystery novel that was written by a woman), it makes sense that studios would be looking to make a film that would draw a similar audience. Jared Leto and Chris Evans should also prove to be huge draws as they both are arguably at the height of their careers right

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