My Girl Movie Analysis

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Overview of Movie: My Girl is the story of an eleven year old girl named Vada whose mother died when she was born and her best friend is a boy named Thomas J who is allergic to everything. She lives with her dad Harry in a funeral parlor and has very mixed up views when it comes to death. When her mother died her grandmother Gramoo, came to live with her and her father. Her grandmother is now losing her mind and Vada is responsible for watching her on many occasions. Her father pictures Vada as a lot older than she is and fiver her many responsibilities and doesn 't realize how much she is going through. He now has a new girlfriend named Shelly and now Vada gets even less attention. In the midst of all the chaos at home her best friend in …show more content…
Her mom died because of complications during child birth. Her grandmother then moved in with them and they became very close but now she is sick and doesn 't talk. At one point in the movie she takes money from classmates to show them a dead body and she shows them her grandma. Her father does not realize all the things she is going through and pays her very little attention. She has very little girls in her life that our positive to her views on life. At one point in the movie she has her period and just assumes she is dying because no one ever talked to her about these things. The only person in her life that she has continuously been close with is Thomas J. All the girls at her school make fun of her because her best friend is a boy. Then Thomas J passes away and she no longer has any friends. After Thomas J dies she runs to Mr. Bixler’s house her english teacher to tell him she wants to get married only to find out he too is engaged and doesn 't see Vada like that. Due to all the conflicts it takes Vada a great deal of time to figure out things which is understandable. She lets the conflict drive her to become a better person. A great example is towards the end of the movie she runs into Thomas J’s mother. She tells his mom that her mother will look out for …show more content…
It shows how if something happens to one person it then in returns affects the whole family. This is seen very strongly through out the movie. You see it when Harry and Shelly get engaged. This affects Vada a great deal. She is not okay with having to fight with someone else for her fathers attention. You also see it when Thomas J dies. Shelly finally puts harry in his place. She tells him how she can 't be in relationship with a guy who ignores the living and only focus’ on the dead. This is the wake up call Harry needs to finally start focusing on his daughter. You can further see the family relationship in the ecomap and the genogram.
Vada Sultenfuss goes through a lot during the movie My Girl. This movie greatly shows all the different theories. It shows life span development in just a short summer. It shows conflict theory in all the different problems she is faced with and how she overcomes them. It then shows family systems perspective and how a family is not just individual people it is a web and if something happens to one it in returns affects the

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