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My interests in 1970s fashion lead me to interview my mother, Cynthia Cartwright (Cindy) who was a teenager during this period. The 1970s were a time of protesting and fighting for equal rights for women, African Americans, Native Americans, gays and lesbians. Nevertheless, the 1970s were also a time of media influences, like music, television, and magazines. Media was an influence that reached Cindy. An African American teenage girl from St. Louis, Missouri, with not many examples to look to for fashion except model and singers in a magazine, that looked like her. Music was another major media influence on Cindy’s life growing up because her father was a DJ at a local Jazz Club in her hometown. Cindy recalls times where she had the chance to meet and rub shoulders with musicians, she adored.
Musicians such as Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, and Chaka Khan and many other famous black women during the 70s influenced the way Cynthia dressed and her perception of beauty. In this paper, I will discuss how Cynthia dressed as a teenager during the 1970s due to the influence of media. The themes that were found during the process of during conducting research were Sex Appeal,
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Songs like “Let’s Get It On “ by Marvin Gaye and “Love to Love You Baby” by Donna Summer were some of the songs that made being sexy in style in the 70s. This type of music increased Cindy’s desire to be sexy, like they sang in the songs she heard at home. “1970s were a time of transformation in sexual mores, behaviors, and identities (Levine 2002).” Cindy later said that “Evelyn Champagne King was very influential in her dress. Chaka Khan when she was with Rufus. She was beautiful and just a sexy mama and I would also say Diana Ross, the ultimate sexy mama (2016). All of which were singers and sang about being sexy as

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