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  • Mark Shea's 5 Myths About 7 Books Summary

    Throughout Mark Shea’s 5 Myths about 7 Books, he discusses five suspicions held by Protestants as to why the “Apocryphal” books should be included within the Church’s Bible. To preface, this stance will be of dynamic inspiration, which claims that God adapts himself to the original audience of the text, allowing human writers to write according to their own experiences. Though this article there appears to be a hindsight bias as to the position of the deuterocanonical books and although Shea makes a compelling case as to why these myths should be dispelled, the Apocrypha are not inspired. While the Apocrypha have been undoubtedly alluded to in the New Testament, this does not correlate with inspiration. The Apocrypha also have contradictions…

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  • Broken Faith Research Paper

    The first person that I chose to present my story to was my mother, Jan. I chose her because of the insight that she gives on the Bible and on life, and because of her continual faith in God through everything that she has been through, whether it’s hard or easy. I really look up to her in the way that she deals with hard times. She always chooses to believe that everything will be okay in the end, and that God has a plan for it all. I thought it would be perfect to tell her about this and ask…

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  • What Is Archaeology

    written in a similar language, with another meaning that fits the Biblical context better. For example, in Davies An Analytical Approach, he states, “Somehow, some of Jesus’ words spoken in the Aramaic language around 30 CE appear in different form in the Greek language about sixty years later in the Gospel of Luke.” (Davies 10). Here, we see how the language has changed as noted but archaeologists are constantly researching this, learning how it has changed. We can see in Reed’s Visual Guide…

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  • Old Testament Textual Analysis

    This weeks reading covered the introduction to the Old Testament, the different types of languages it was written in and the different types of language used such as poetry. Then the archeology of the Old Testament and the geography and information about early civilizations from the Fertile Crescent to Palestine. Reading also included canonization of the Old Testament, the various translations that have arisen from different sources, the textual criticism that lead to these different…

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  • The New Testament Summary

    He mentions the Septuagint, the Aramaic Targums, the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Syriac and Jerome’s Latin Vulgate as being important. Chapter fourteen is about the books that are a part of scripture and the books that are not a part of scripture. This is called canon. Book had been included s scripture gradually, but some other had distinctions and evidence that did not allow them to be considered scripture. In chapter fifteen the author writes about the Apocrypha, or books that are not included…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Young Earth Creationism

    Young Earth creationism is the belief where the world was created in 6, 24-hour days, and the age of the world is approximately 6000 years old. The Young Earth creationism uses the great flood to show how it makes sense. Making the world and everything on it young. This ideal that the earth is young is not a new ideal and has been around since between 700 and 735 AD, when a monk by the name of Venerable Bede claimed the creation of the world was in 3952 BC. Many other people have placed the…

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  • Sunday School Lectionary Analysis

    Thus, I’d say the curriculum supports the main claims of the publisher: “Deep Truth, Bold Faith, and Changed Lives.” It accomplishes this because each lesson prints the biblical passage, summarizes and explains the passage, poses questions to students for further theological reflection, confronts students to make practical applications to life, and encourages student to have deeper fellowship with God daily by its supplemental “quiet hour daily devotions”. Its approach to Christian…

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  • Patriarchy In The Bible

    women “were generally regarded as inferior participants in the worshipping community” (2). As the social status of women can be viewed as subordinate to males, they can too be regarded as items of trade, used to barter for goods and money. Although the authority of women is present in the homes and domestic responsibilities, the men were noted to have more social power and social responsibility. Because the Bible is often viewed as a patriarchal text, many feminists and scholars refuse to…

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  • Poem Analysis: 'Journey Of The Magi'

    So right now he his recalling the story (perhaps the kings were in their home town) to others that he “would do it again” even though they went through the hardship, depression, and mental emotion. Furthermore, they asked a question “Birth or Death?”(36). May be they assured themselves that indeed there was a “Birth.” In addition, their lives change as a result of this journey by concluding that birth and dead was not different. Perhaps the bitter agony of birth represents the mother suffering…

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  • Revelation: God Speaks

    In the book of Doctrine, the authors, Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears, go over 13 core doctrines of the Christian faith. In this report we will be focusing on Chapter 2 of the book, which focuses on the biblical teaching of Revelation: God Speaks. In today’s day and age communication has become a necessity for our everyday lives to run smoothly. While there are many different ways that we as the human communicate, the question of how do we hear God is frequently posed. Does He speak through my…

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