Broken Faith Research Paper

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The first person that I chose to present my story to was my mother, Jan. I chose her because of the insight that she gives on the Bible and on life, and because of her continual faith in God through everything that she has been through, whether it’s hard or easy. I really look up to her in the way that she deals with hard times. She always chooses to believe that everything will be okay in the end, and that God has a plan for it all. I thought it would be perfect to tell her about this and ask her these questions, since she can relate with trusting God through tough situations. Obviously she has never been thrown into a lion’s den, but I think she understands what it’s like to completely rely on God getting her through times of suffering. I …show more content…
I really wanted to share it with him because, just like with my mother, I really enjoy having deep discussions with him and hearing the answers that he gives. My dad has been through a lot as well. A lot of brokenness in his life, and a lot of struggles. Through it all, my dad has continued in trusting God. Both of my parents have a very strong faith in God, but in different ways. I think that their perspectives complement each other, which is probably why they get along so well. My dad always like to dig deeper into things, and I always like to think of him as a little philosopher. He refuses to just stay at surface level when discussing things and likes to look at the bigger picture of it all. This was shown when presenting this project to my dad, because he was not very good at answering the lead-through questions, but was all for answering the deeper questions. I probably should have been more animated when sharing the story with him, because I think he would have been more focused on it if I had. Regardless of that, it still turned out to be a really enjoyable discussion. I really liked his input on the same question I had asked my mom about what it looked like to trust in God. He said, “I think what it looks like to trust God, which was sort of what it looked like for Daniel, is that you first and foremost turn to him in prayer when facing decisions or difficulties in life. Put it in His hands, then wait for His will and trust that the outcome is His will. It is absolutely okay to doubt and be scared, I think that is just a part of being human, to a point. Ultimately we do have to come to a point where our faith also includes not being controlled by fear and doubt. It could take a lifetime to come to that point but I think ultimately we should come to where we have seen His faithfulness so much that we no longer have fear and doubt and can trust that He is control.” I wholeheartedly agree with

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