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  • Sunday School Lectionary Analysis

    claims of the publisher: “Deep Truth, Bold Faith, and Changed Lives.” It accomplishes this because each lesson prints the biblical passage, summarizes and explains the passage, poses questions to students for further theological reflection, confronts students to make practical applications to life, and encourages student to have deeper fellowship with God daily by its supplemental “quiet hour daily devotions”. Its approach to Christian transformation is through Scripture, it believes in the authority and power of God’s word to transform hearts and minds. It is Christ centered and emphasizes Christ as Lord. the Son of God, the resurrection and life, the perfect sacrifice, and in him alone comes atonement from sin. Moreover, it recognizes the power of the Spirit to reveal things to men and women and values the fruit of the Spirit in human…

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  • My Bible Lessons

    in properly studying the Book of Philippians using the inductive study method, particularly gaining the information that I needed out of the text to develop a lesson. I am now aware that I rushed into the study of the Bible, without properly seeking God and tuning into what he would have me to learn from his word. I was so concerned about developing a lesson and completing an assignment that I neglected to spend time with the author; for getting to open up my mind, heart, and spirit to hear a…

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  • Halsey Valley Victory House Reflection

    The experience in my life that’ has helped me is, I have been going to bible study at the Halsey Valley Victory House. Paul Estro leads the Bible stud there on Tuesday nights. We would discuss certain passages in the Bible. We would have discussions on what the Bible is saying to us. He would also have notes written out for us to follow him. If I did not understand what he was talking about, I would ask questions. When I was going there, I was learning more about the Bible. We would also take…

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  • Patriarchy In The Bible

    women “were generally regarded as inferior participants in the worshipping community” (2). As the social status of women can be viewed as subordinate to males, they can too be regarded as items of trade, used to barter for goods and money. Although the authority of women is present in the homes and domestic responsibilities, the men were noted to have more social power and social responsibility. Because the Bible is often viewed as a patriarchal text, many feminists and scholars refuse to…

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  • For The Bible Tells Me So: Film Analysis

    Biblical literalism is reading the words in the Bible as if they have come directly from God’s mouth. They take the parts of the Bible they want to believe are true making them sure because it is something that they do not want to see. Biblical literalism is no analysis of the text which is nearly impossible. In the film For the Bible Tells Me So there are five families, three of which I will be discussing, each with a gay or lesbian child directly dealing with feelings and situations they would…

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  • Summary Of Interpreting The Bible By Nickelson

    “Interpreting the bible”, the couple had the purpose and goal to equip” prospective pastors, as well as other Christian leaders in developing sound principals of interpretation that would help them to understand the truths of the bible and to evaluate the religious ideas that are brought and carried out in our daily lives” After many years of having their textbook in seminaries, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning, the couple decided that they needed to reach out to a different…

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  • Sumney Chapter 1 Reflection

    three about Inspiration. Sumney explains that, “the Bible is inspired because it is through these texts that God has chosen to be with them, and it is through these texts that they learn how to enter the relationship with God that their forebears had” (Sumney 43). This brings several questions to mind. Did the writers of the bible actually write down what they perceived as the Holy Spirit talking to them? What text from the bible can we call upon and translate into our own situations and…

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  • Literary Aspect Of Literary Analysis

    The literary aspect of interpretation plays a crucial role in shaping the biblical narrative, but it is overlooked and almost nonexistent. • Conventional biblical scholarship is limited. o Example: the story of Judah and Tamar. At first glance, this story seems to be rudely inserted in the middle of the drama of Joseph. Upon further inspection, the use of a single word (“recognize” in this case) ties chapters 37 and 38 of Genesis together – something that is missed without considering literary…

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  • On Love Of One's Enemies Analysis

    If to speak about the content of the passage "On Love of One’s Enemies", it is possible to say that they differ only in wording and stylistic features. There are a huge number of the extract 's interpretations. The most widespread were provided by Gill, Matthew Pool and the authors of Geneva Study Bible. All of them concentrated on the type and reason of love to enemies. However, I think that the most important here is to identify the true meaning of the word "enemy" in the Bible 's context.…

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  • Janice Anderson Feminism

    According to Janice Anderson, the definition of feminism is “the affirmation…of our right and ability to construct, and take responsibility for, our gendered identity, our politics, and our choices” (Anderson, 105). A feminist approach to biblical studies can help reconstruct women’s identities in the text and see how the identity of the reader is affected by the way women are portrayed. Analyzing the ways in which women are excluded from the text and identifying the construction of gender are…

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