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  • Personal Narrative: My Little Girl Starte

    long-winded and not the most grammatically correct, but it is a good window into the thoughts that have been running through my mind, heart, and soul. And for those that have experienced this, I hope you can relate to it as well. This past week my little girl started Kindergarten. If you have an older child, I am sure you remember the day with a lot of emotions. If you have a child that is still not in Kindergarten, I am sure you are awaiting the day with anxious anticipation. I felt the flood of emotions in the weeks leading up to the first day but as with anything, I rarely show them to the degree in which they were happening. There was pretty much a 24/7 motion picture going on inside my mind, playing back all of my favorite memories with my little girl and wondering where the past five years went. Deep down I knew she would be fine. She is a warrior. A fighter. But as with any change, there is fear, anxiety, sadness, anticipation, and that weird feeling in your heart that often times just cannot be described. You see, this isn 't my first time going to Kindergarten. Of course, as a child, I went there too like any of us. My bag (and nametag) as big as my dreams to take on the world...a wide smile behind which lay a fear of this whole new world. Sometime in the 80s... Sometime in the 80s... I also taught Kindergarten and think back to my first professional job in Newark, NY as a Kindergarten teacher. A year which I describe as the best year of my professional life not…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Big Five Personality Test

    celebrations with them. But on a more complex level I value trust more than anything. I am a very trusting person and I often give people the benefit of the doubt but I also believe that once trust has ben broken it can never be repaired. I strive to be trust worthy and surround myself with people who have proven they are also trust worthy. I believe that this value is the reason why I scored in the 63 percentile on The Big Five Personality Test stating that I tend to consider the feelings of…

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  • The Outliers Short Story

    sun blazed on the summer day scorching the poor people who decided to go outside. Those who did go outside into this death trap, had been there long enough the heat didn't bother them anymore "Come…

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  • Coming Out Reflection

    On National Coming Out Day the rainbow center held an event for students to listen to poetry and other students’ personal experiences with coming out. Walking in I was a little nervous and was not sure what to expect. No one in my family or my close friends have ever dealt with coming out, so this was new to me. Although I was not very knowledgeable about what it is like to come out, I was still interested in learning about what other people have gone through. As I walked in my eyes went first…

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  • High School Time Management Process Analysis

    classes, but to my surprise the whole atmosphere is very similar to high school. As a result, the transition has been very smooth so far. How have I been able to make these adjustments you say? Well let’s find out! For starters, a big part of my success has come from my SLS class. The techniques I’ve learned so far have been beneficial in all my classes. For example, coming out of high school time management has always been a big problem of mine. My schedule would consist of the following: come…

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  • Descriptive Essay-My Northern Michigan Adventure

    waves crash and the sand beckons you to come frolic in the sun. The days leading up to the trip are almost on bearable for me. Just the thought of the scenic views, gourmet food, and family all being together. Excites me to no end. Our journey begins in the car we load up all six of our bags and two dog’s stuff we hop in the car and leave. We will be in the car all together for five hours with only…

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  • Reflective Essay: Why I Give Back To My Community

    There was this old man named “Russ,”(I cannot give last names due to confidentiality) this man I noticed was covered head to toe in cubs apparel. I thought this was funny because I am a Cardinal’s fan myself and I knew I could maybe joke around with him. It turns out he ventures out to the end of the road everyday in a uniform and waves cubs flags at traffic passing by the facility. He was extremely grateful for me volunteering and me and him talked about baseball for a good while, he then asked…

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  • Descriptive Writing About A Concert

    I have always been waiting for this day. It gave me the anticipation as I saw the city I’m in, listed in the tour schedule. I cannot contain my excitement as I bought my ticket. I even bought an outfit I was going to wear for this very special day. It was such an experience from the moment we arrived at the event, during, and until it was over. The combination of this phenomenal band, the massiveness of the stadium, and the sense of community in the audience was definitely an unforgettable…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Was Put To Jail

    divorced me because I wasn't there for her, I had a job I had to focus on but on that day, the day she told me that it wasn't working out my mind fell into a daze. I hadn't thought about it, but I just pushed her into the table where it hit her head and she started bleeding. I ran out the house not knowing what I did, thinking what I should do should I help her, or should I leave because she left me. I ran into a small coffee shop just a few blocks away. I knew I had to hide because the…

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  • Breast Cancer: Complications In My Life

    obstacles or complications that I have faced and overcome over the past years. Out of the many that I have faced, the biggest obstacle that I have overcome was when my mom developed breast cancer. It was back in the year 2010, I was back in 5th grade and I can still remember certain pieces from the exact day I found out. My brother and I were coming home from school, seeing as it was a typical school day. Some years before, my grandma had been diagnosed with the same breast cancer but was cured…

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