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  • Emily Huerta's Miss Representation

    My name is Emily Huerta and I want to share my story. I don’t want to scare you guys, but I think it’s important to warn all of you about the consequences you can face if you fall into the lies media tells all of us about young women. Trust me; I’ve been through it myself. Wherever you go, you see ads. It’s crazy how many of those advertisements contain images of women. You see women half naked in food advertisement and in children’s commercials you see images of very skinny and pretty dolls. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 69% of girls in the 5th- 12th grades reported that magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape. I used to let myself fall into the lie that a women should look just like one of these dolls. I wasn't the prettiest nor was I as skinny as these dolls shown on television and because I wasn't pretty nor as skinny as these dolls I grew up very insecure about everything about…

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  • Our Barbies Ourselves Analysis

    expected to accept this when there is nothing supporting it fully and wholeheartedly? It is a fact that a girl named Valeria Lukyanova, who went all out to achieve Barbie’s proportions ( Prager simply stated her beliefs and tried to pass them off as facts expecting her audience to take her word on the matter. The last sentence of the third paragraph asks, “Could this account for the popularity of breast implant surgery?” (Prager 1). Instead of gathering the facts and showing…

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  • Barbie: The Perfect Role Model

    a girl’s ideal perfect body image, and the age immune doll. “In 1998 Barbie’s waist expanded and bust was made smaller to reflect a more ‘real’ body type”(Golgowski). She has been around for quite some time now; as society’s idea of a woman 's perfect body changes, Barbie’s body is constantly changing as well. In America, young girls between the ages of five to nine, have been growing up thinking that this doll was the perfect example of beauty and femininity. When I was a little girl, Barbie…

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  • Meg Whitman

    1. I think this is the new challenges and a big try to Meg Whitman. When she has joined in the company of eBay, she is the successful on the traditional company world in her life, operation a segment of a major toys maker. Before she joined the company of eBay, she is the one who make toys to all of the kids to make the kids in a happy mood. She saw a tiny internet company which is under the conventional. Meg Whitman makes eBay begin with a tiny internet company that similar with the garage…

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  • Summary Of Quotes From 'New Beekeeper'

    The quote: "New Beekeepers are told that the way to find the elusive queen is by first locating her circle of attendants" is very relevant to the specific events of chapter 3. In Chapter 3 Lily and Rosaleen are looking around town trying to survive and trying to find any hint of Lily's mother. Lily is trying to find out things about her mother, so first she is locating people that her mother once knew. This is like Lily being a new beekeeper and she is trying to find information and her way to…

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  • Gender Roles In Barbie-Q, By Sandra Cisneros

    the rarity of new toys, but purchases damaged Barbie dolls while on a trip to the flea market. The narrator acknowledges the flaws of the Barbies, but counters the stereotypical “perfect” woman standards by implying her gratefulness of possessing any dolls at all. Through this struggle, the girl learns to cope with her burdened lifestyle while also encountering gender roles and values. Cisneros wrote this story in relation to her own childhood, motivated by the social standards of gender roles…

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  • The Theme Of Childhood Trauma In God Help The Child By Toni Morrison

    In Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child, the protagonist of the novel, Bride, finds herself slowly transforming back into an adolescent. The novel uses magical realism to both literally and figurately revert Bride back to a state of girlhood. Her increasing lack of secondary sex characteristics, like breasts and pubic hair, triggers a fear of reverting back into a “scared little black girl”. The novel deals with several prominent themes, the two most prevalent being race and childhood trauma.…

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  • Castilian Silhouette Book Report

    United States Department of ART AND SCIENCE The Pencil of Castilian Silhouette Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Spain All copyrights reserved, USA STORY BOOK: The Pencil of Castilian Silhouette Characters: Mrs. Tulip Pineapple, Castilian Silhouette, Art, Melody, Camellia and Jolly Location: Bilbao, Spain and New York, NY Preface This elegant children manuscript is a non-fiction concept and true short story about a mother and daughter, who decide to travel to the Guggenheim Museum to research…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Barbie

    Barbie dolls first made their appearance in 1959. From there, they were accompanied by the slogan, “We girls can do anything!”. Some would classify Barbie as a feminist icon because of her message. The fact that the doll is available with a variety of professions is another reason why people would look up to her. While that is a nice thought to have, the products themselves prove this to be questionable. Because Barbie perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards for children, I oppose the idea that…

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  • Bluebird Toys: Movie Analysis

    It is 1983 and Chris Wiggs is tired of his daughter Joanna carrying around these massive barbie dolls. He decided to no longer put up with it and create a smaller version of a doll instead. polly pockets they were named, mostly because of the fact that they were so small they could fit into your pocket. When he first designed these toys he had no idea they would be majorly popular for over 10 years, have many variations and eventually end in discontinuation. Bluebird Toys were the first to…

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