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  • British Influence On Indian Culture

    When Britain annexed and ruled India, they made great changes and created a vast impact. Britain invaded India knowing that India would offer many benefits and that there were many people to take from. When the British ruled, they had very forceful system and used many tactics to make sure they had full control over the Indians, therefor changing the ways the Indian thought. Lastly, the British made many adjustments in India’s culture as well. The British definitely changed the daily lives of many Indians. The British knew that India had a lot of benefits to gain from them, so they came to the decision of taking over India. Firstly, India had the production of jewels including cotton, rubber, and tea; the British couldn’t make machines without rubber, and cotton was also very important for their textiles, therefore, taking over India was an excellent idea. Adding on, India was the 2nd biggest market, they were heavily populated with a density of over 900 people per square mile; this gave Britain a chance to take advantage of many, many people. During their rule, the British encouraged the Indians to grow commercialized crops like indigo, tea, opium, sugarcane, coffee, and cotton rather than food; this caused many famines, resulting in over 10 million deaths; however, it made India the 2nd leading cotton production in the world; good or bad, that was still definitely a great change brought by the British. As you can see, the British didn’t invade India without knowing the…

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  • Holi: Significance Of Colors In Indian Culture

    What is the festival of Holi and how does it represent the significance of colors in India? The Hindu festival, observed primarily in India, is an annual celebration commemorating the beginning of spring. The two-day celebration constitutes of a bonfire the evening of the first day and dinner parties and dancing on the second day. However, the most momentous event of this celebratory occasion is the color festival. The color festival transpires on the second day, preceding the dancing and dinner…

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  • East India Company Case Study

    Civil Jurisdiction- The Supreme Court had original jurisdiction in all civil cases restricted to the following persons in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa: The British subjects residing in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, the East India Company or any other person directly or indirectly in the service of the Company, any of the Majesty’s subjects who either resided or held property in the provinces of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, the Mayor and Alderman of Calcutta, any other inhabitant of Bengal, Bihar or Orissa…

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  • Hardik Patel Case Study

    spearheaded the quota agitation for Patidars, the traditional BJP supporters who are currently at odds with the party. The 23-year-old leader has been residing in Rajasthan ever since the court order. What attracted the attention of political pundits during Patel's Patna visit was the VIP treatment accorded to him by the state government. He headed straight from the airport to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's residence. Kumar gave him a warm welcome. Both leaders spent over an hour together over…

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  • Mithila Painting Analysis

    MITHILA PAINTING N.Tondonsana Singh Abstract The essay of Mithila or Madhubani painting deals with the history and different stages of painting, the empowerment of women in the society. Mithila painting is an art of painting which was discovered during natural disaster earthquake of 1934 in Bihar by British colonial officer in Madhubani district. This are the famous painting on paper, cloth, readymade garments, movable object etc. The madhubani district has been acquired international…

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  • The Push And Pull Factors Of Migration In India

    in cities or urban areas are high wages, immense job opportunities, access to basic amenities & water, comfort & convenience, high quality of life. Migration is a dynamic process with various implications of its own and the reasons for which people migrate depends on the developmental attributes of the origin and destination regions. Migration can be either internal or international. Internal migration can be viewed as an economic survival strategy for the poor in the Asian countries which help…

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  • Importance Of Higher Education Essay

    Abstract (to be changed) The pressure to increase access to affordable education is steadily increasing with the number of eligible students set to double by 2020. At the same time, significant problems exist in the quality of education provided. The sector is plagued by a shortage of well-trained faculty, poor infrastructure and outdated and irrelevant curricula. The use of technology in higher education remains limited and standards of research and teaching at Indian universities are far…

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  • Emile Durkheim's Theory On Suicide

    following statement, “The explanation that there is an inverse relationship between progress and rate of suicide is seductively simple; and it agrees with the popular idea of suicide. But it is contradicted by facts.” Durkheim states that human desires are insatiable, unlike the basic desires of animals and with an increase in purchasing power or economic capacity, the desires of human beings increase at a higher rate, hence producing dissatisfaction and subsequently, a lack of regulation…

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  • BCCI V. Cricket Association Of Bara Case Study

    CASE ANALYSIS BCCI V. CRICKET ASSOCIATION OF BIHAR AND ORISSA INTRODUCTION ISSUE OF THE CASE: The Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) moved the Supreme Court for stay of elections of BCCI for office bearers which was scheduled for May 22 and to bar chargesheeted candidates from contesting. The plea was made before a vacation bench of Justices AM Sapre and Ashok Bhushan who declined to hear calling it a part-heard matter and saying that the regular bench was already hearing it. Counsel…

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  • 3 Mistakes Of My Life Chetan Bhagat Character Analysis

    speeches were compiled as a book to portray the message what young India really wants. And the recent novel of Chetan Bhagat is Half Girl Friend here the character, Madhav Jha, a rural Bihari boy gets admission in a prestigious Stephens college in Delhi through sports quota. Riya Somani, a rich Delhi businessman’s daughter also gets admission in the same college. Madhav develops love feeling for Riya. Both get separate and become unfriendly because of Madhav’s misbehavior. A year later she gets…

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