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  • Female Body Image Analysis

    The ideal vision and respect for the human body has changed over the years. Most importantly is the way people look at the female body. Before civilization, mankind use to walk on this earth without any, or very little clothing, which depended on the climate of the area. Then later, women were taught that they must hide their body because it was supposed to be more modest and “ladylike”, while the male’s body was viewed as art. Over the years the times have changed, and the vision of an ideal human body has standards of what it should and shouldn’t look like. Margaret Atwood had compared the female body to a car, they all come with the same parts and all work the same way. Though advertisers today are constantly using the female body to attract their buyers through exploitation, stereotyping the views of men, and diminishing the cultures of others. For example, how one would rather have a flashy fast mustang, instead of having a huge slow soccer mom van. Advertisers have used the female body by exploiting them in every form of advertisement. The exploitation of the female body is what sells things, “It sells cars, beer, shaving lotion, cigarettes, hard liquor; it sells diet plans and diamonds, and desire in tiny crystal bottles,” (Atwood 1012) and many other things as well. Brittney Valderrama believes the women advertisers reinforce a concept which defines beauty as the following, “the ideal female is white, thin, sexily clad, and above all, submissive.” Lingerie…

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  • American Technological Sublime Analysis

    offered for Americans and their future. With exhibits such as Futurama, Democracity, Utopian Cities, the Perisphere and the Trylon Americans left with a difficulty to suppress the excitement of what corporations would do next.The most memorable exhibit at the fair was the General Motors Pavilion, and the most memorable feature in the General Motors Pavilion was a ride called the Futurama. People stood in line for hours to ride it and experience the exciting possibilities of life in the distant…

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  • Saudis In Bikinis Analysis

    In “Saudis in Bikinis”, Nicholas D. Kristoff states that women in Saudi Arabia are repressed because of their exaggerated attire. The key argument in the essay is whether or not Saudi women are repressed or if they think they’re free. Kristof seems to emphasize the idea that even if Saudi women believe that they are truly free, they haven’t been exposed to true freedom and have therefore been deceived. The final excerpt states: “If Saudi Arabians choose to kill their economic development and…

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  • The Burka And The Bikini Analysis

    Covered or Uncovered an Analysis of The Burka and the Bikini This essay argues women in todays world are damaged in many ways by the culture in which they live. The writers state, “ covered or uncovered, the homefront choice is not about morality but the physical and emotional health of future generations”(Brumberg 195) Culturally speaking whether or not you wear a burka or a bikini the writers think women are negatively effected. The writers support their claim that women are adversely…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Bomb Testing

    according to the articles about 65,000 to 200,000 people kick the bucket. After the destruction of Hiroshima, Japan still did not surrender. United States dropped the second bomb on Nagasaki which made them give up, one of the article stated that 39,000 people were assassinated and 25,000 were injured. A year after World War 2, United States conduct a nuclear bomb test at Bikini Atoll. Base on the article, bikini atoll is from Micronesia, 2.3 square miles, and people have been living there for…

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  • Biikini Atoll Persuasive Essay

    How could one country destroy the land and lifestyle of another in the name of peace? Bikini Atoll is located 850 kilometers northwest of Majuro on the northern fringe of the Marshall Islands and it has more than 23 islands and islets. The four islands are Bikini, Eneu, Nam and Enidrik. Out of the four islands, Bikini and Eneu were the only islands that have had a permanent population. On August 1945, United States dropped two nuclear weapons in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 120,000…

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  • The Three Sphinxes Of Bikini Analysis

    Gogh’s piece or art represents the minds of the people in the time this image was painted. The tree stands in a winter scene, but the colors of leaves are still fully there (Galperina, 2011). You can see snow covered mountains in the background, and yet the tree is still on ‘fire’ per say. It reflects the minds of men. Where winter represents going to sleep and hibernating, the tree represents men’s minds who were still hard at work creating, inventing, and work and the time of what should be…

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  • Bikini Atoll: Film Analysis

    Internally, the US government was also fearful of losing power within its nation. This is already evident in the opening of the documentary which showed the nuclear bomb testing in Bikini Atoll, where the American public were filled with skepticism. This led to Vice Admiral Blandy, Commander of the Bikini Test justifying himself, “the bomb will not start a chain reaction in the water, converting it all to gas and letting all the ships on all the oceans drop down to the bottom. It will not blow…

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  • My Bikini Belly Literature Review

    "My Bikini Belly” By Shawna Kaminski - Our Full Review Hi there and welcome to our review on “My Bikini Belly” by Shawna Kaminski. As always, this review will be broken into 3 main parts: 1. The basics section that will help you understand what “My Bikini Belly” is all about. 2. The pros and cons section where you will read about the primary benefits and drawbacks of Shawna Kaminski’s program. 3. The conclusions section about My Bikini Belly that sums up our thoughts and feelings on this…

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  • Bikini Bottom Case Study

    The most appropriate form of leadership to approach this situation would be an authoritarian leadership. Firstly, the time available is limited. This is said as construction is to begin immediately which means that the Bikini Bottom community is under a direct threat, therefore, a qualified leader must be placed in a position of power so that he/she will have the ability to tell fellow citizens the things they must do. Secondly, the citizens of Bikini Bottom lack the skill, and knowledge of the…

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