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  • Simone Biles

    Simone Biles is perhaps the youngest successful African American in the world. Her stellar talent in gymnastics and dedication to the sport, have me in awe. The tireless preparation and determination, she exhibits are characteristics that I can only hope to embody as I work towards becoming a medical professional. After overcoming many early childhood hardships, Simone persevered to become a world renowned gymnast and inspires many to follow in her footsteps. At only 4 feet 9 inches tall, Simone Biles has a larger than life personality. Her gregarious and bubbly nature gives no evidence that she has faced many hardships in her young life. At the age of 3, Simone and her younger sister Adria were placed in foster care. Their mother, a recurring drug addict and alcoholic was unable to care for them. After years in foster care, Simone and her sister were formally adopted by her maternal grandparents. Following her adoption, however Simone’s troubles did not end there. When she was 9 years old, Simone was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). This medical condition made it difficult for her to focus and complete assignments in school.…

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  • Gastrointestinal System Case Study

    It usually affects the 3rd and/or 4th parts of the duodenum. Presents with vomiting of the gastric contents (usually contain bile). Duodenal atresia It is complete occlusion of the duodenal lumen as a result of failed recanalization. It usually affects duodenum just distal to the bile duct opening, and associates with polyhydramnios (excess of amniotic fluid). Presents after few hours of birth by bile stained vomiting. The diagnosis is usually predicted by seeing a ‘double-bubble sign’ on…

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  • How Does Mouth Affect The Human Body?

    The liver is located almost entirely under the rib cage to provide some protection. The liver cleans and filters the blood also it contains fewer nutrients and waste materials than the blood that entered inside of it. The liver also produces bile at (600-1000 mill a day. Bile is a yellow- green pasty material containing water, bile salts, acids, pigments, cholesterol, phospholipids, and electrolytes. The liver also produces blood proteins, cholesterol, and sugars. The liver is composed as…

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  • Soft Palate Research Paper

    In this phase, solid is placed into the mouth and the lips are shut by the orbicularis oris facial muscle (VII). The food is mixed with salvia and masticated with the teeth, so it can pass through the esophagus for digestion. Sensory recognition is critical at this stage and the movement and timing patterns in this phase varies depending on the viscosity. The salvia and food has now created a bolus in which lateral movements of the tongue and mandible are made. Furthermore, the soft palate has…

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  • Essay On Peristalsis

    gastric mucosa and is physically turned into chyme. Peristalis starts near the gastroesophageal sphincter causing the stomach wall to ripple. Small amounts of chyme filter through the pyloric valve via a back and forth pumping action. Depending on the size and contents of the meal the stomach empties chyme into the duodenum within four to six hours. As chyme enters the duodenum, receptors in the wall signal an inhibiting mechanism for acid and pepsin secretion. When fatty chyme enters the…

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  • Biliary Cirrhosis Case Study Essay

    The primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is a condition that affects the liver and destroys the bile duct in the liver. Bile is a fluid that plays an important role of digesting foods and help to get rid of the toxins in the body (MayoClinic, 2014). Sodium concentration requires to be tested in order to identify any abnormal concentration of sodium. In the case study, the patient’s sodium level was 121 mmol/L but her TC value was 322 milligrams per deciliter (Farooqi & Hashim. 2015). The normal range…

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  • Simone Biles: Courage To Soar

    Simone Biles: Courage To Soar You'd never know how the rough journey you go through can be an inspirational story for another. Simone Biles, known to be the best gymnast on the face of the earth, went through a very grueling childhood. Jumping from foster care - to - foster care her and her siblings were serrated from their mother and each other. Her motive to never give up during the hardest days of her life, inspires people everyday. Simone Biles was born March 14, 1997, in Columbus, Ohio…

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  • Red Bile Agar Research Paper

    Violet red bile agar is a selective medium used to identify lactose-fermenting coliforms. This medium is typically used to test dairy products and water. The medium contains lactose which acts as a carbohydrate source, bile salts and crystal violet that act as an inhibitory agent towards gram-positive microorganisms and neutral red is added to serve as a pH indicator, microorganisms lower the pH which results in the colonies turning red. Some of the organisms that grow on this medium are:…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To A Gymnastics

    from a foster care program to a famous Olympic Medalist. It all started at Bannon’s Gymnastics when the coaches asked if I wanted to join (Biles 46). My mom never thought about enrolling me into a gymnastics class even though I was always jumping around doing flips on our trampoline (Biles 47). That very week, my mom signed my sister and I up for a gymnastics class twice a week (Biles 47). My coaches would have to yell at me when I began to do flips I have yet to learn (Biles 50). A few years…

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  • The Biliary System In The Human Body

    Biliary System The organs and ducts that make up the Biliary System are bile ducts, and the gallbladder. In the system once the bile is secreted from the liver and drained through the smile bile bones called canaliculli. They collect into the heapatic ducts, which then collect in the common heapatic ducts. The heapatic ducts join by the cystic duct to create the common bile duct. These would run from the liver to the duodenum, which would be the first section of the small intestine. However,…

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