The Importance Of Education And Technology

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I haven 't paused to blog for some time now. With a crazy schedule for myself, kids, and family, there is often little time to stop and reflect. But this major milestone deserves some reflecting. And it deserves some shoutouts to some important people. And it just deserves to be written down for others to reflect on, find comfort in, and maybe offer thoughts as well. This isn 't one of my typical education and technology posts. In fact, it really doesn 't have much technology associated with it at all. At times it may ramble and be long-winded and not the most grammatically correct, but it is a good window into the thoughts that have been running through my mind, heart, and soul. And for those that have experienced this, I hope you can relate to it as well. …show more content…
It isn 't so much Common Core, reading, writing, math, and all of that. Of course, that is important and a main focus in school. But in Kindergarten, making that transition and learning how to swim in a big sea is the most important goal. It is about figuring out the world. It is about socializing, making new friends, learning how to be a good friend, learning how to be amazed at the world we live in, how to be inquisitive, how to explore, how to make a mess, and how to clean it up. It is about singing, playing, smiling, learning, laughing and loving. It is about innocence and seeing the good in the world. There is a lot of good out there if we choose to go and look for it. And if you are the teacher, it is about bringing together a group of children, in essence a group of mom 's and dad 's "hearts", and making it the best year of their life. It is about helping the children grow just as much as it is helping the parents see what their child is capable of...and how they are capable of allowing them to swim a little bit into the sea of life. I always told my families you aren 't letting them go, you are letting them "grow". And now it is time to take my own

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