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  • Southern Values In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

    Brick drinks until he feels the "click." It is only after drinking in excess that he can relax, because he refuses to deal with his emotions. Multiple characters show concern for Brick, but Big Mama also feels the need to defend him. She says, "Other people drink and have drunk an ' will drink as long as they make the stuff an ' put it in bottles." When Maggie comments, "I never trusted a man who didn 't drink." Her clueless sister-in-law proudly states, "Gooper never drinks." Maggie doesn 't even need to respond, as the other characters on stage and the audience realize the meaning of this statement (Holditch). When Big Daddy decides to drink a "whiskey highball" we know the pain in his intestines is severe, thus confirming the fact that the cancer is killing him. Maggie 's drink of choice is Dubonnet on ice, which she sips slowly, revealing her patient, calculating side…

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  • Suicide In Sylvia Plath's Daddy

    Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” Sylvia Plath faced many obstacles in her life, including the death of her mother, father troubles, an identity crisis and a failed marriage. Throughout Sylvia Plath’s work, she revealed this troublesome life, as well as her true emotions. Plath wrote “Daddy” before her final suicide attempt and really expressed her state of mind about people in her life during this time. Sylvia Plath’s life experiences and relationships combined with historical references impacted her…

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  • Compare And Contrast Sylvia Plath And Ted Hughes

    For thousands of years, women were told that they were inferior to men. Men wanted to control women to make themselves look good. Specifically, Sylvia Plath was oppressed in her literary life by Otto Plath and Ted Hughes. These two men influenced her writing in many different ways. Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy,” reflects the biographical context of how growing up with her father and her relationship with her husband affected her writings. Sylvia Plath’s father inspired her writings by their “bond” and…

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  • Similarities Between Daddy And Lady Lazarus By Sylvia Plath

    Daddy and Lady Lazarus are poems written in 1963, by Sylvia Plath and were shortly released after her death. Sylvia Plath is a famous American poet born in October 27, 1932. Plath was really depressed since at the age of 10 after her Father's death. She tried to commit suicide multiple times and failed.Plath's famous Poems “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus” are mainly influenced on her depression and her complex relationship with her Dad and her husband Ted Hughes. Ted hughes leaving Plath left her…

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  • Morality And Death In Sylvia Plath's Poem, Daddy

    In Plath's poem, “Daddy”, readers can see how her relationship with her father and other life experiences influenced the topics and themes of her poetry. Sylvia Plath's father died days after her 8th birthday which would later become the topic of many of her poems and writings. Almost all of Plath's writings had a theme of nature or morality. Otto Plath's death caused Sylvia to suffer from…

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  • She Lived In A Shoe By Sylvia Plath Summary

    she lives in. One can observe and compare this to the children’s nursery rhyme, “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”. Another example of her childhood within stanza one is in line five when she says, “Achoo”. Most adults would say sneeze, but to a child, it is acceptable to use sounds for actions. As the poem continues, Mrs. Plath grows older and matures. In Line ___ it says, “Every woman adores a Fascist”. One can assume this is her as she develops an attraction to a “bad boy”. With…

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  • The Marriage Gregory Corso Analysis

    What one person can decide on such a big decision in little time? The “Marriage” by Gregory Corso is a poem that throughout the whole reading Corso is super indecisive about whether or not to get married to the girl who lives next door. He gives quite a few examples every time he goes back and fourth whether or not to marry the women next door. It’s a poem that has to do with making choices in life. We can relate this to our own personal life because everyone has to make hard decisions whether…

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  • Comparison Of The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath

    struggles with who she is and how she wants to live her life. Esther faces many problems, especially inside her head that leads her to depression and difficulties throughout the novel. Sylvia Plath has lived a complicated life that is much similar to Esther Greenwood's character. Her life is described in The Bell Jar through events, characters, and her written poems that conclude Sylvia Plath and Esther Greenwood are very much the same people. Throughout Sylvia Plath’s life, she suffered from…

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  • Kathee Kollwitz Analysis

    Description of work: The artwork by Kollwitz, is really deep and meaningful. It’s not like her other works where they’re dark, yet this sculpture isn’t. This artwork shows a man and a woman, which is her and her husband, grieving after finding out about the death of her son, Peter that had past away in WW1. The artwork is now located at the Vladslo German War Cemetery. Media: Kathe Kollwitz has used heavy, tough granite for this sculpture. This artwork is 3-Dimensional, and is about life size.…

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  • Metaphors In Sylvia Plath's Daddy

    The poem “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath, is based on what the author really experienced with her father. The author does not have a good memory about her father and hate her father severely. To express her feeling about her father, the author uses different kinds of sound devices, and metaphors and similes. Through these elements, this poem contains different themes. In this poem, the author uses several examples of metaphors and similes to express her father and herself. The author said, “which I…

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