Biceps brachii muscle

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  • The Media's Influence On Mental Health

    adolescents and children. The world is a competitive place these days, which means there are high academic standards for children every single year. The previous article talks about the declining percent of play and the increasing amount of time spent on schoolwork. (Gray, 2011) Having children spend more time in school and doing homework, may actually be more counterproductive to the academic growth of the child according to a study by Sattlemair and Ratey. (2009) The way that Sattlemair and Ratey describe the brain and how it grows is very similar to how you grow a muscle by going to the gym. Essentially when you go out and exercise you put your brain under physiological stress that wears it out, much like a bicep muscle that has been broken down by the persistent barbell curl repetition. So then what happens to your bicep muscle? Well you rest it and give it adequate nutrition and eventually your muscle comes back bigger and stronger than before. Well this is not exactly what happens inside of the brain, throughout the brain comprises neurological pathways that form to help you recall information or how to do a particular movement. The more you use these pathways the stronger the pathway becomes and the faster you are able to recall information to be able to use it. Additionally, Sattlemair and Ratey explain emerging theory, which hypothesizes that play helps develop the frontal lobe. (2009) This finding is extremely important to children with ADHD as it is said to…

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  • Massage Therapy: Shoulder Trauma

    have been pulled to closely together. When the rotator cuff muscles become chronically tight the head of the humerus will be pulled up into the shoulder socket compressing the bursa and supra spinatus tendon. As a result of the narrowing of the space between the acromion and the head of the humerus the tendons…

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  • Fitness Test Essay

    encouragement. 12 WEEK FITNESS PLAN MONTH 1 - Hypertrophy/Endurance MONDAY - ARMS/CHEST Push-Ups (15 x 3) Dips (15 x 3) Bicep Curls (15 x 3) Chin-Ups (10 x 3) Pec Deck (15 x 3) Bench Press (15 x 3) TUESDAY WEDNESDAY - CORE/LOWER BODY Crunches (15 x 3) Hip Raises (15 x…

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  • Personal Fitness Program

    My main goal is simply to gain strength. Muscle mass and strength is very important for everyday life. I would also like to improve my body mass index (BMI) through gaining muscle mass which will in turn. I want to focus on both my upper body and lower body. Not only will this improve my health and wellness but it would also improve my appearance. I feel that a strength training program is a bigger necessity to me than a cardiorespiratory endurance program. The ACSM recommends at least two…

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  • Fitness Testing Case Study

    Fitness / Strength Testing Fitness tests permit mentors to recognize the physical qualities and weaknesses in their client, where a reasonable training system can be created. While ability assessment goes well past fitness, results of testing can likewise be a helpful instrument while determining the athletic capacity of a player and his dedication to training (The Progress, 2012). Different tests can be performed when measuring fitness, such as: • Handgrip Strength test o This test is usually…

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  • What Is Meant By Agonist In Muscle Pairs

    What is meant by “agonist and antagonist muscle pairs”? Give an example What is meant by agonist in muscle pairs is that it does the majority of the workload in an exercise and is considered the prime mover (primarily responsible for movement). The antagonist in respect to the agonist counteracts. The antagonist helps allow the agonist to perform a task. An example could be the biceps brachii contracts when doing elbow flexion. While the antagonist would be the triceps brachii relaxing during…

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  • Glenohumeral Joint Lab Report

    remains stationary against the ribcage if the movement only occurs at glenohumeral joint. As shoulder abduction continues, the inferior angle of the scapula begins to shift upwards as it undergoes superior angle rotation. Hence this bring about for every 2 degrees of glenohumeral joint moves, 1 degree of scapulathoracic moves from this point. When the upper extremity moves abduction on the 90 degrees, the upper glenohumeral joint contributes 40 degrees for a total of 70 degrees while the…

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  • Essay On Muscle Fibres

    Muscle fibres. There are three types of muscle fibres; type 1, type 2a and type 2b. A. Type 1: These fibres are slow twitch or slow oxidative fibres and are red due to the presence of large volumes of myoglobin. They contract slowly but can contract repeatedly over long periods. These fibres would be suitable for an athlete such as a marathon runner because this is an endurance sporting event that requires you to use aerobic energy which relies on oxygen from the blood for the supply of energy.…

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  • Shoulder Joint Lab Report

    The proximal origin of the muscle is on the spinous processes of thoracic vertebrae 7–12, the thoracolumbar fascia, the iliac crest, and the lower ribs (Figure14). The tendon is attached to the humerus anteriorly floor of bicipital groove. The tendon is either wing-like or quadrilateral. Most of the deep surface of the tendon of the latissimus dorsi is separated from the underlying tendon of the teres major muscle by a bursa. The latissimus dorsi has several different functions, all of which…

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  • Summary Of The Muscular System

    However, muscle fibers have vital physical features that develop two distinct types of fibers. The fast twitch, also known as type ii fibers, and slow-twitch fibers or type i fibers (Bidle, 2016). Muscles are also put in “compartments” a muscle compartment is known as, “a group of functionally related muscles enclosed and separated from others by connective tissue fascia.” (Sullivan & Gan, 2015). These fascias are also known as intermuscular septa. The muscle compartments also hold the blood…

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