Yoga And Massage Therapy

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ow can ROM in the massage treatment room benefit the massage client? Massage therapy is well matched to the demands of shoulder impingement syndrome due to chronically tight shoulder musculature. Compression of the shoulder girdle can lead to pain, loss of range of motion, and the inability to perform activities of daily living. The shoulder joint cannot move freely through a normal range of motion because the structures of the joint have been pulled to closely together.

When the rotator cuff muscles become chronically tight the head of the humerus will be pulled up into the shoulder socket compressing the bursa and supra spinatus tendon. As a result of the narrowing of the space between the acromion and the head of the humerus the tendons
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Fishman. A New York Times article by Jane Brody describes Dr. Fishman 's use of yoga in his practice to help his patients recover from shoulder pain. Follow the link to read more about Dr. Fishman 's insights and to see an image of this amazing move that increases range of motion while strengthening the subscapularis.

Show your client how to use Dr. Fishman 's triangle exercise by demonstrating the move. Clasp hands together and place against a wall with elbows abducted out to about 45 degrees. Place the head from the forehead toward the crown on the wall. Take a lunge stance with the leg on the same side as shoulder pain forward and opposite leg back. Now have the client use both their legs and shoulder to push into the wall isometrically and hold for about 30 seconds. The head can be left relaxed or included with the forward isometric contraction its best to repeat move 3 to 5 times a day.

The following educational video from provides a detail animated review of the shoulder anatomy. Having a clear picture of anatomy can be useful for both the massage therapist and client. For more active and athletic clients take a look at the next video of a modified yoga headstand performed by Norman Popovsky from which can be suggested as a part of an active self-care

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