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  • Shoulder Injury In Sports

    For example, an athlete who stretches on a daily basis and works out certain parts of their body in season are far less likely to receive an injury than an athlete who does none of these things. The installation of in season strength and mobility programs will reduce the risk of injury among athletes. (2) For this specific study athletes were provided with a shoulder mobility and strengthening program. There were twenty athletes that participated in the study, ten had a shoulder injury before, and ten have not had a shoulder injury. They went through stretches and exercises to help strengthen the shoulder and reduce shoulder injury. The shoulder is one of the easier areas of the body to injure with its range of motion being so great. The demand for the use of your shoulder in sports like baseball and football are high because of the continuous use of the throwing motion. (8) According to Ellenbecker in, Exercises to Address Muscular Imbalances and Reduce Injury Risk, the repetitive use of the…

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  • Shoulder Impingement Intervention

    The Effectiveness of Interventions for patient with shoulder impingement syndrome Research Question: Is exercise therapy is the most effective intervention in patient with shoulder impingement syndrome? Aims/Objectives: Interventions and treatments for patients with shoulder impingement syndrome that physiotherapist choose and apply differ from physiotherapist to another which led me to this research question where the author aim to compare, summarise and evaluate previous researches to…

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  • Massage Therapy: Shoulder Trauma

    ow can ROM in the massage treatment room benefit the massage client? Massage therapy is well matched to the demands of shoulder impingement syndrome due to chronically tight shoulder musculature. Compression of the shoulder girdle can lead to pain, loss of range of motion, and the inability to perform activities of daily living. The shoulder joint cannot move freely through a normal range of motion because the structures of the joint have been pulled to closely together. When the rotator…

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  • Essay On Shoulder Replacement

    Making the decision to have a total shoulder replacement should be a topic discussed between the individual considering the surgery as well as the individual’s family, general practitioner and orthopaedic surgeon. Who Needs to Have Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery? Initially, the majority of individuals with arthritis in their shoulder will be prescribed conventional treatments, such as mild analgesics and physical therapy. However, if these conventional treatments fail and an individual’s…

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  • Shoulder Impingment Syndrome Case Study

    Foreground Question: Is physical therapy with exercise more effective than exercise in reducing pain in people with shoulder impingement? P: People with “shoulder impingement” I: Physical therapy with exercise C: Exercise O: Reduce pain Background Question: What is “Shoulder Impingment Syndrome?” Shoulder impingment syndrome (SIS), or medically known as subacromial impingment syndrome is a physiological condition in which structures within the shoulder complex are compressed. In healthy…

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  • Right Shoulder Impingement Case Study

    The patient was a 19 year old sophomore outside hitter in volleyball who sustained a right shoulder impingement her freshman year. Since this injury tends to have a gradual onset of symptoms, there was no specific mechanism of injury. However, the constant overhead movement of the arm during her hitting probably greatly contributed to her impingement. She saw the team physician last fall, but did not have any diagnostic imaging test completed such as X-ray or MRI. Although she did receive some…

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  • Rotator Cuff Case Study

    Most of us all have an intact shoulder that for the most part does not give us a problem. We can take it for granted that we are able to comb our hair, can carry groceries without any pain, or sleeping on our side with no pain until something happens like a rotator cuff tear. This unfortunate event is not very uncommon. We will take a look at the anatomy of our shoulder, specifically the rotator cuff and what might lead to a tear or make it more prone to a tear. We will also discuss some of the…

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  • Rotator Cuff Research Paper

    Rotator Cuff Tear The primary function of the rotator cuff is to allow you to raise your arms forward and away from your body up and over your head. It also enables us to perform movements like throwing and catching a ball. The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles in the shoulder, connecting the upper arm (humerus) to the shoulder blade (scapula). But in order for our rotator cuff to perform these tasks and movements, there are four muscles that must work together to achieve this.…

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  • Bar Persuasive Speech

    lifts, the push press, the back and front squat, the bench press, and finally, the deadlift. However, before we begin it is important to stretch out and warm up your muscles to make sure you don’t get hurt. Now that we are warmed up we can begin to set up for the lifts. Today we will be using the standard bar which weighs 45 pounds. Once you’ve got the bar in the proper position, on a rack or on the ground, depends on which lift you’re doing, you can start putting on weight. However, when you’re…

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  • Personal Narrative: Senior Football

    Finally the doctor comes back and informs me that I have a torn rotator cuff, and a hairline fracture in my shoulder blade. The doctor says i'm looking at atleast 8 weeks of healing and he recommends that I don’t ever play again that shoulder injuries are very serious. Immediately tears start rolling down my cheeks as I think that season is in 5 weeks and i'm missing my senior year and all the preseason work did I just threw it all away. 6 weeks go by and my shoulders beginning to feel better…

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