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  • Swing Jazz In The Machine Age By Le Corbusier

    powerful, clean, and fast. The machines essentially emasculated and intimidated these men. Compared to machines, men during the Depression just lacked energy and if they didn’t fit in this category the media and their environments put them in this group anyway. With the arrival of swing jazz this outlook on life shifts into a positive one. As man became more rejuvenated the used machines to build more in the city. As the cities and machines grew big bands grew in size in order to accommodate the need for a louder, more humanly organized noise. To accommodate to the machine’s pace. Swing bands embodied the dynamic order that America needed during a time of despair. The overall implication for American culture was that man would not be overshadowed by machine and that man would use the machine for his bidding. With this, big-band swing music and dance humanized the machine world. Ironically, the same people that the white man saw and labeled as primitive were the same ones who humanized America during the 1930s. As time went on big-band swing resembled the black experience less and the cultural desires the entire nation wanted more, according to Sidney Bechet. According to Dinerstein, they began to whiteface swing. This whitewashing was transparent when…

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  • Jazz And Swing Music

    crashed in 1929. A new style of music came into the scene and it was the Big Band Era, this was the type of music that was jazz and swing music. Swing music is a strong music with double bass, typically dancing music. The main founders of this band was Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Glenn Gray, Chick Webb , and Jimmie Lunceford. The main person who was called the King of Swing was Benny Goodman. After the swing came the Rhythm and Blues. Each of these types of music had and huge outcome on…

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  • Charlie Parker's Swing Jazz

    By the 1940s, most of the jazz music scene was Swing Jazz, it was classically structured harmonies, commercialized big bands and it had limited room for improvisation; most of the bands at the time were limited in uniqueness. Such a borderline bland music scene proved fertile ground for Bebop, but what started as a musical form unknown, or at least not meant to be known, by the public, played in afterhours of nightclubs, was revolutionized by the alto-sax player, Charlie Parker. Despite his…

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  • The Swing Thing Analysis

    (00:04:02-00:04:05). However, a few years after WWI Paul Whiteman who was the king of White dance bands, created an organized band known as Smooth Big Band— which consisted of jazz elements and classical music. According to the documentary, Paul Whiteman was the reason for how Swing started in 1924 when he instructed George Gershwin to write “Rhapsody in Blue”, “The first pieces of symphonic jazz… A style of music that would influence classical composers,” (00:05:52-00:06:21). Moreover, the film…

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  • Glenn Miller's Jazz Standards

    considered “Jazz Standards”, one major contributor to these standards is the trombone player and Big Band Jazz composer, Glenn Miller. Glenn Miller lived a short yet interesting life, he differed from his competitors and left a dazzling legacy on the Jazz community. On March 1st of 1904 in the small town of Clarinda, Iowa, Alton Glenn Miller was born. Miller began playing the cornet and mandolin at a young age. This sparked his love for music. In 1917 Miller finally received his very…

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  • The History Of Jazz Music

    more style of music. Hip-hop started to rise in the midst. Music was over the people mind, much individual start to teach music at the university and many people dying to make a career out of it. There was some great movement in the early 90s and college opportunity. MTV was the first cable channel of this era’s innovations time. The first music video aired was “Video killed the Radio Star” in the month of august first 1981. The cable channel was taken all over and made a urge impact on all…

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  • Benny Goodman And The Swing Era

    Swing music originated by musicians modifying forms of “jazz", so that by the 1930’s a new form of music emerged called “swing”. Swing is characterized by very large bands, fixed, usually written arrangements, and solos by individual musicians in turn. Swing bands typically used an upright or double bass instead of a tuba and played repeated riffs to give the music a propulsive rhythmic force. Swing combined harmonic sophistication with danceable rhythms and compelling individual…

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  • Mile High Jazz Concert Review

    bass, drums, a guitar, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, 2 alto saxophones, 2 tenor saxophones, and one baritone saxophone. This makes a total of 17 musicians plus one for Professor Paul McKee who was the conductor. The student ensemble was very large and was arrange/modeled after a big band style. The musicians were ordered in rows with the front being the saxophones then the trombones then the trumpets. The other half of the stage contained the piano and guitar in front with the bass and drums in the…

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  • The Early Big Band Era

    Even though Big Band music faced many challenges due to World War II and the Great Depression it still managed to rapidly increase in popularity throughout the country. Eventually Big Band music was everywhere, from jam sessions after hours at bars and clubs to radio broadcasts in the everyday American’s home, even ballrooms like Savoy and Roseland in New York were common venues for the latest Big Band tunes. The Big Band Boom also brought together the greatest jazz musicians (Benny Goodman,…

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  • Jazz Concert Report Sample

    Doxy had the trumpet and trombone playing together, and was the closest thing to “standard jazz” that night, with a fluid melody and other expected jazz features. The final piece was Tough Talk, focusing on the trombone, but also including the trumpet, a lot of guitar, and even some rather rock-style drum playing. The venue, a crowded and noisy restaurant, still felt like an appropriate place for the performance. The place was packed, but there were still a few open seats, and it suited the…

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