Criticism of the Bible

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  • Scripture In Film

    This is likely because filmmakers are influenced by forces beyond academic integrity; namely the demands of the box office to “mix in battle scenes, action sequences, and romantic subplots that did not exist in the original stories” CITATION (TBATH). Producers were free to use biblically themed novels and screenplays that were only loosely based on scripture. Additionally, stories of vice, “sexual adventure, and intrigue abound even in such ‘staid’ sources as the Hebrew Bible”—even though much of the Bible’s text is relatively dry and abstruse CITATION (SS p59). Thus, it is unsurprising that biblical stories that were appropriated by filmmakers had a tendency towards character-oriented, action-packed parables, such as Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, and David and…

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  • My Bible Lessons

    In critique of my bible lessons, I must first address the issues of studying and preparing the lessons. I experienced difficulty in properly studying the Book of Philippians using the inductive study method, particularly gaining the information that I needed out of the text to develop a lesson. I am now aware that I rushed into the study of the Bible, without properly seeking God and tuning into what he would have me to learn from his word. I was so concerned about developing a lesson and…

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  • The Bible: From Boring To Transforming Analysis

    The Bible: From Boring to Transforming “Honestly, reading the Bible is boring,” says 16 year old Micha, “I like the stories and stuff, but don’t see how it applies to my life.” This outlook of scripture is all too common among young people today. Micha represents a generation where all good things come in small screens, where satisfaction is based on speed, and where attention is unnecessary to succeed. This modern era has rejected patience and stillness for busyness and productivity. In such…

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  • Mary Rowlandson's Mistress Analysis

    with a stick that could have killed her. Mary was also caught reading a bible and her mistress threw it away. Mary was able to recover it and continues to use the bible as her guide and reassurance that she is in God’s good hands. Mary’s relationship with her mistress shapes her portrayal of captivity as seeing it as a punishment by God, and as an opportunity for him to…

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  • Patriarchy In The Bible

    This broad idea of patriarchy is portrayed in the Bible through language such as “he,” “him,” and most importantly, “man” or, “men.” The male powered society can also be viewed in referring to the position of power men played in the culture of Israel during the time in which the Bible was set. These inferences and beliefs regarding the patriarchal views of the Bible lead to debate and implications around what the correct interpretation of the Bible is, if there is one, and what there is to do…

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  • Sola Scriptura In To Kill A Mockingbird

    Then, there is the sola scriptura non-application to this problem. This would consist of one going to the Bible as all sufficient. In this case, there is no way to determine when a woman is exercising “authority over a man.” The second issue is defining when and where “in the churches” occurs. The words used in this text can be defined and redefined, but the end result is that the Word is not sufficient to answer these questions that are in addition to the scripture. There is a different…

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  • Art In The Bible Analysis

    Art in the Bible Is art in the bible? Would God understand our art or want us to create art? Francis Schaeffer explains all of this in the short book, Art and the Bible. There are many opinions and views on art in a Christian life, or from biblical point of view that argue if art and the bible is considered acceptable. Schaeffer goes in depth on; Art in the bible, different perspectives on art and the bible, and how we are as individuals linked to both art and the bible. When you look at the…

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  • Sumney Chapter 1 Reflection

    say about who we are as individuals, just as the history of the bible has so much to tell us about how to interpret it and make connections in the present. My life has been built on a strong foundation of church family and constant love from our creator. In our readings, I feel that Sumney does a great job of explaining how the bible is set up and how we as students can begin diving into the content that it holds. I grew up attending Grace Hill Mennonite Church in rural Whitewater, KS with my…

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  • Literary Aspect Of Literary Analysis

    that the Bible’s sense of history is much different than the modern sense of the word. o The modern history is tied to documented events and facts. The events of the Bible are different. Alter suggests that the stories from the Bible are the result of the Hebrew writers making use of their imaginations when facing the task of writing Scripture with their scanty historical resources being limited. • He uses three different stories from the Bible to illustrate his point. o Firstly, he refers to…

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  • Personal Theory: The Purpose Of Religious Education

    theory of religious education is the biblical family centered education. 1. The purpose of religious education 1) Deliver the biblical values through family life The Bible mirrors every dimension of the world, so the biblical values can help people form constructive and balanced characteristics to be whole persons. However, the biblical values will not be fully transmitted by only teaching in the church on a limited time because values are not knowledge to get by just teaching. Rather, the…

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