Personal Circumstance In Shakespeare's Othello

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Every animal found on our planet reacts when they are faced circumstances that affect them in some way. Predators will stalk their prey in order to feed their hunger. Prey will try to survive from their predators by running and hiding. Both predators and prey respond to their own circumstances in order to survive. Likewise humans also react to their personal circumstances. One could be facing debt because they have just bought a new home. He will react in a way that will satisfy the conflict by working harder at his job. This way he will be able to pay back the bank and resolve the situation. Not everyone will react the same to their circumstances. Each and every person will acknowledge their personal conditions differently. Maybe similar, …show more content…
He had a beautiful, loving wife, he was a commander of a great army and he had friends whom he could trust. Or so he thought. In the third act of the play, Iago’s plan had begun to kick off. He slowly began to plant the idea in Othello’s head that his wife was having an affair with Cassio. At first when faced with this circumstance, Othello denied that such a thing were true by saying, “No, not much moved. I do not think but Desdemona’s honest” (3.3.117-151). Othello doesn’t think much about what he was told. However he begins to think about it more and more, making him not at ease. Because of this situation, Othello confronts Iago angrily mentioning that if Iago were lying he would have him killed. He also requested that he wanted proof of such accusations. This is Othello’s way of trying to solve the circumstance he has been faced with. He let false allegations get into his head and now he is trying to deny it by threatening his friend. Iago then swore to Othello saying that he wouldn’t dare lie to him. He continued to make claims that Desdemona was cheating on Othello. Othello also witnesses what he thinks is Iago and Cassio talking about Desdemona. To top it all off, he notices that Cassio had given Desdemona’s handkerchief to the island prostitute Bianca. Given the infuriating circumstance, Othello decided that action needed to done in order to solve his inner conflict. A rumor can go a long ways, far enough to ruin a man 's trust

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