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  • Summary: Afro Caribbean Immigrants

    and religious barriers were the main reasons that afro Caribbean immigrants’ delayed access to care, which led to late diagnosis for illnesses such as cancer and HIV. Studies included in this review almost unanimously agree that future health studies and in-practice efforts aimed at improving healthcare access for afro Caribbean immigrants must be culturally competent. That is, they must be designed to meet ‘‘a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enables effective work in cross-cultural situations’’. Competency regarding the core healing beliefs of the Caribbean is particularly important, and is a central component to addressing healthcare barriers.…

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  • Essay On Afro-Mexican Slavery

    In the late 1500’s Mexico became a nation centered around Afro-Mexican slaves. The first slaves arrived in modern day Mexico with Christopher Columbus. Originally bringing only male slaves to do necessary labor in the new world, slaves soon began to intermarry with local women to create the Afro-Mexican culture that is still present in Mexico to this very day. They worked for their masters, some whom were kind, some not as friendly. For some, they were fine with the life they had, for others…

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  • George S. Schuyler's Black Is Beautiful

    “Black Is Beautiful”: Social Politics Surrounding the Afro Research Question: To what extent did the ‘Black-Is-Beautiful’ Movement of the 1960’s promote black expression and further debates regarding ‘natural hair’? Background In order to facilitate an understanding of the perspective of George S. Schuyler, the “skeptical Negro” who “debunks natural hair” and criticizes “Black is Beautiful” in the project’s main Special Collections source, it is first important to establish key information…

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  • Essay On Good Hair

    Afros directly challenged the traditional ideal of beauty that devalued natural black features. Afros and Black power contradicted the more acceptable straightened styles that black women had been conditioned to wear for decades. Because this white aesthetic historically represented the norm for beautiful hair, afros represented its direct opposite. And because hair is something that can be seen and read immediately, especially if it does not meet mainstream standards, afros brought the politics…

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  • Black Hair Feminist Analysis

    Black is Beautiful. With this declaration of Black pride, the Afro, which was popularized by Angela Davis, became the emblem of Black Power and Black self-love. It is through the creation and the expansion of the Afro hairstyle that Black hair became politicized as a tool of resistance against white hegemony and the overarching threat of White supremacy. With the rise of the Black Power Movement and the spread of the Natural Hair Movement came the push for less straightened hair, as it was an…

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  • Afro-Caribbean Subculture Research Paper

    FAMU as a whole is a melting pot of various black subcultures. Being from South Florida, a large amount of the black people I interact with and befriend are of the Afro-Caribbean subculture. Prior to attending FAMU, I had never tried southern fast food or food chains like, Zaxbys or Waffle House. When mentioning this to my southern friends at the university, they would look at me with shock, wondering what rock I could have been living under? While at the same time, many of them may have…

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  • The Afro-American Women Movement

    The women’s voice in the establishing the national council of Jewish women in 1893, this happen because of the social needs and found inspiration of young Jewish women (Stubblefield & Keane, 1994). After the Jewish women movement begin the African American women movement begin as they the National Federation of Afro-American Women the Colored Women’s League of Washington D.C., both organization merged and formed the National Association of Colored…

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  • Essay On 1970s Fashion

    (Cartwright 2016). Other Celebrities like Bianca Jagger influenced dress when it came to the pants suit for women. In a 1974 photo Bianca Jagger is seen wearing and Halston white pant suit. My informant, Cindy and her sister was photographed as well in an all-white pants suit that look very like Bianca Jagger’s (see Figure 3 & 4). Cindy distinctly remembers looking to celebrities like Donna Summer, Pam Grier, and Diana Ross for inspiration on how to wear her hair as well. Women like them in the…

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  • Malcolm X: The Organization Of Afro-American Unity

    Malcolm X Was Ethical Malcolm X talked about the rules at the founding rally of the Organization of the Afro-American Unity "The Organization of Afro-American Unity shall include all people of African descent in the Western Hemisphere, as well as our brothers and sisters on the African continent. Which means anyone of African descent, with African blood, can become a member of the Organization of Afro-American Unity”. Malcolm X was a civil rights activist in the 1960’s, he lived in Manhattan,…

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  • Culture In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    Our culture dictates many parts of our lives, whether it be through conscious understanding or through subconscious ritual and belief. For some, their culture defines who they are fundamentally. Alice Walker, in her short story “Everyday Use”, uses the differing mindsets of two sisters to explore African-American culture in rural America. Also explored is how heritage, reflected in where and when one grows up, interacts and affects culture. Although Mama raised both sisters the same way, they…

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