Afro-textured hair

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  • Beauty In Media

    decades, since slavery. Black women have conformed to societies dominate ideology that having silky straight hair , being lighter in complexion and this has lead to the epidemic of black women feeling as if they are not beautiful in their own skin. As a result of the medias portrayal of black women not being deemed as beautiful by European standard, the constant reminder through tabloids and the general reminder that looking more western is more socially expectable this has been endorsed due to the constant portrayal of white women, with straight hair has instilled the…

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  • Analysis Of Four Women By Nina Simone

    She is from the enslavement time period. She is described as being black with wooly hair and having a strong back1. Her name is Aunt Sarah, Aunt Sarah is the oldest of the four women described in the song. She has been beating on before, Nina Simone certainly emphasized on that to make sure people knew what black people went through and the suffrage, black people had to endure and show how strong a black woman really is. Aunt Sarah has to deal with ownership because she is a slave. She is…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Black Hair

    Within the workforce over the past few years there has been a lot of controversy between black women and their hair. A countless number of women have been dismissed from their jobs due to what the jobs consider acceptable. The media has turned black hair into something that is to be shunned. Media Outlook As a young black girl growing up watching Disney movies I always paid attention to the color of the princesses’ skin and the way their hair was styled. Out of all the…

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  • Naturalista Movement Analysis

    lighter-skinned woman with long hair. In Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married, Malcolm Lee’s Best Man Holiday, and Quentin…

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  • The Black Power Movement: Natural Hair During The Civil Rights Movement

    The term, “natural hair”, is frequently used to describe African-American hair that has not been heat damaged, or chemically processed and in the state in which it grows from one’s head (Marshall). The ‘natural hair look’ became prominent in the 1960’s, before and during the civil rights movement (Luter; Brown 17). Many activists, and in general, everyday women wore their as is, which is commonly associated with the “Afro”. The “Afro” was not only a hairstyle, but a political statement for black…

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  • African American Women Wear Hair Essay

    Americans to conform to look more American. African Americans have been working hard to mold themselves to what they feel is most acceptable in society for years now. Since post emancipation, the African American culture has two methods to “fix” their blackness in order to blend in (Hargro). One being to straighten their hair to make it more pleasing to the eye as the European hair textures which is the ultimate goal of “good hair”. Once again to comply with the likings of society and to feel…

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  • Essay On Hairitage

    “Hairitage” What is the relevance of Black Women and their hair? “I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations, no I am not my hair, I am not this skin ,I am a soul that lives within.” All women can relate, when it comes to hair, it doesn’t matter your race or ethnicity; every woman has a battle with her hair. These battles can range from deciding on a color or cringing at the thought of just getting a trim. Visually, Black women’s hair is thicker, curlier, and frizzier…

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  • Hair Raising Thesis

    embracing my natural hair the positive comments on my hair has been overshadowed by the multitude of confused stares I receive from strangers in public, and the unfiltered conversations on the reason pertaining to my decision to be “Natural”. Those experiences launched my curiosity on the politics and history of Black Women and their natural hair in America. Instead of conceptualizing that Black Women are beginning a journey to true acceptance of self when embracing their natural hair, they are…

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  • Ebony Hair

    comb to straighten their kinky hair with excessive heat or lye to chemically straighten it. Women wore their hair straight because it emulated the hair of white women and was considered the only acceptable way to wear their hair. It wasn’t until the 1960s women began embracing their natural curl again, at that time most natural women wore afros. Alas, the natural hair movement died down again and women chemically straightened their hair up until the mid-2000s. Around 2010, women revisited…

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  • Good Hair Film Analysis

    glamorizes the hair of other races outside of African Americans. The term “good hair” is often associated with straight, long and silky hair types. Instead African American women hair is associated with terms like thick, kinky and nappy. These aren’t just terms anymore that are used freely instead, they’ve become very stereotypical and judgmental to the black race. This puts pressure on African American women to feel doubtful of their natural hair, so much that black women use chemicals to make…

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