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  • Analysis Of Not A Genuine Black Man By Brian Copland

    The world is filled with oppression. It’s in many forms and may not be completely visible. It hides, waiting to strike at the correct moment, making sure to pierce through the weakness parts. One type of it by pushing people within a box. Labels and names are put onto other people, and when people try to leave the box of conformity, they are treated like a traitor. People hate the change, they hate not knowing what to expect. Therefore when people around them decide on their own identity, they try to force their beliefs into other people. However, people, especially Latinos, Asians, and Black people who have suffered from this oppression the most, will not stand still forever. They will take the wounds that you have inflicted upon them and…

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  • Black People: The Guilty Of Stereotypes

    Stereotypes seem to be something we cannot escape. When I say we I am referring to we, as a people. We all are guilty of stereotyping one another, in fact it’s something that we learn to do, it usually first taught by our family. Stereotyping is basically wrongly believing all people are the same based off certain criteria’s. Once you are old enough to go to school and begin to interact with other culturally diverse people you pick and learn new things about others, and you began to stereotype…

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  • Personal Narrative: Bilingual Discrimination

    From my earliest memories of my childhood to today’s society I feel that their is still discrimination going on in the world. Through the many experiences I have encountered it is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. Asians are not the only races to encounter discrimination, but many other races too. For example, just because I have slanted eyes, somewhat yellow colored skin, or speak another language it justifies that I am of Chinese descent unanimously. Moreover, what grinds my gears the…

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  • Black Hair Feminist Analysis

    Black is Beautiful. With this declaration of Black pride, the Afro, which was popularized by Angela Davis, became the emblem of Black Power and Black self-love. It is through the creation and the expansion of the Afro hairstyle that Black hair became politicized as a tool of resistance against white hegemony and the overarching threat of White supremacy. With the rise of the Black Power Movement and the spread of the Natural Hair Movement came the push for less straightened hair, as it was an…

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  • George S. Schuyler's Black Is Beautiful

    “Black Is Beautiful”: Social Politics Surrounding the Afro Research Question: To what extent did the ‘Black-Is-Beautiful’ Movement of the 1960’s promote black expression and further debates regarding ‘natural hair’? Background In order to facilitate an understanding of the perspective of George S. Schuyler, the “skeptical Negro” who “debunks natural hair” and criticizes “Black is Beautiful” in the project’s main Special Collections source, it is first important to establish key information…

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  • Essay On Good Hair

    Afros directly challenged the traditional ideal of beauty that devalued natural black features. Afros and Black power contradicted the more acceptable straightened styles that black women had been conditioned to wear for decades. Because this white aesthetic historically represented the norm for beautiful hair, afros represented its direct opposite. And because hair is something that can be seen and read immediately, especially if it does not meet mainstream standards, afros brought the politics…

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  • Culture In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

    Our culture dictates many parts of our lives, whether it be through conscious understanding or through subconscious ritual and belief. For some, their culture defines who they are fundamentally. Alice Walker, in her short story “Everyday Use”, uses the differing mindsets of two sisters to explore African-American culture in rural America. Also explored is how heritage, reflected in where and when one grows up, interacts and affects culture. Although Mama raised both sisters the same way, they…

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  • Essay On 1970s Fashion

    (Cartwright 2016). Other Celebrities like Bianca Jagger influenced dress when it came to the pants suit for women. In a 1974 photo Bianca Jagger is seen wearing and Halston white pant suit. My informant, Cindy and her sister was photographed as well in an all-white pants suit that look very like Bianca Jagger’s (see Figure 3 & 4). Cindy distinctly remembers looking to celebrities like Donna Summer, Pam Grier, and Diana Ross for inspiration on how to wear her hair as well. Women like them in the…

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  • Asian Immigrants During World War II

    communities struggled under renewed post-war segregation efforts. Conversely, Asian communities, particularly the Japanese, worked to overcome the effects of internment camps and immigration stereotypes that emerged during the war. Despite the universal experience of racism, the next twenty years in postwar Los Angeles determined a changing dynamic in minority housing experiences: Asians and Asian Americans gained opportunities while Black and African Americans continued to chafe against the…

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  • Angela Aujla Others In Their Own Land Analysis

    While reading the article written by Angela Aujla, “Others in Their Own Land”, it quickly became clear that her argument was that South Asians have been facing being “others” in Canada even if this was their home country. She shows this “other-ing” all through history up until today. Through looking at comments made by white, Anglo-Canadians, to the stereotypes South Asians have, and the questions asked, such as “where are you really from?” it is clear that South Asians have indeed been others…

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