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  • Importance Of Rural Tourism

    Rural Development and Rural Tourism This study aims to remove obstacles carried out by the state for regional rural development and sustainability. That means the heritage, culture, characteristics, and qualities of rural settlements will be preserved while these areas will be developed. The study will emphasize the importance of agriculture and how to integrate it with the wide lands and open spaces that characterize rural areas. When mass tourism began along the seaside areas, people believe there will be few limitations in regards with natural resources. These resources were considered renewable. However, it is now clearly seen that successful tourism gradually affects that natural beauty and characteristics or sea shores. Many countries have problems with the reducing…

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  • Rural Migration Case Study

    EVALUATING THE FACTORS IMPACT ON RURAL TO URBAN MIGRATION - A STUDY ABSTRACT: The study covers the rural villages people, who are coming from rural area to urban, there are no basic industries that will employ the development active labour force, thus prompt to the urban migration to the urban areas in search of job opportunities, business enhancement, quality education and quality medical facilities etc. The present study was an attempt to identify the factors influence on migrants in rural…

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  • What Are The Disadvantages Of Rural Youth?

    phone. Without any confirmatory evidence, most students and our teacher immediately suspected the rural student was the thief. The teachers even threatened him to admit his guilty. The lost cell phone was never found, and no one confessed this crime. After this event, almost all students including me sort of avoided staying with this classmate. While he stayed with me, I would be aware of my personal property even if I thought that was immoral to assume him as a potential thief. Back to this…

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  • Essay On Rural Social Work

    As stated previously, as a result of the growth in some areas of Southern Pennsylvania, there are real and important differences between rural and urban communities due to a difference in their geographic cultures. As an advanced generalist practice social worker, it is important to stress that social workers in rural communities frequently work with individuals hosting a variety of problems. These problems include, but are not limited to, lack of public transportation, limited resources, and…

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  • Working In Rural Social Work

    Chapter One- Introduction to Rural Social Work Rural Assistance Center (2015) states, “The population of rural America currently accounts for less than 20 percent of the overall population of the United States, and this number continues to fall over time” (pg. 1). Practicing social work in a rural area is often difficult, but unique as the life in a rural area is much different than in an urbanized location. What is most important when working in a rural area is maintaining confidentiality and…

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  • The Major Effects On The Hydrological Cycle During Rural Floods

    moves to the stream channel (Holden J. 2012.) The aim of this study is to compare an urban and rural catchment, and to find out why they are different. To achieve this a model was used to simulate both catchments, and an accurate hydrograph for those two scenarios was made. This hydrograph will be used to explain the differences in flow, and be compared to a real world example…

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  • The Rural Cemetery Movement

    The Rural Cemetery Movement With rapidly growing urban populations in the mid-1800’s, it was important to develop healthy, green, spaces for city dwellers. The Rural Cemetery Movement encouraged American cities to use cemetery space as multi-functional space for leisure, recreation, environmental preservation, and for healthy burial practices (Lundgren). "In a country sorely lacking in public green spaces, these cemeteries provided these graceful, elegant places…They were all around…

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  • Essay On Lack Of Care In Rural Towns

    The lack of healthcare in rural towns is an issue that I can relate with. I decided to write about this issue because a lot of people are unaware about it. This is an issue that is growing in America because cities are growing and towns are getting smaller. So they can’t afford to keep hospitals and clinics anymore. That means people in smaller towns have to travel to the bigger cities to get their healthcare. With the more people aware about the lack of healthcare in rural towns in the United…

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  • Why Is Rural People Live In Longer Life

    As society develops, people put more value on their better lives. Therefore, many people move into big cities to get better educations and get a better job. However, compared to cities, living in rural areas is safer for people because those who are living in the countryside live in longer life than urban people, have an atmosphere of people and not dangerous. Therefore, many retired people move into the countryside. One of the most important reasons why rural areas are less safe is rural area…

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  • Sent For You Yesterday: A Comparative Analysis

    The sense of place in Wideman’s Sent For You Yesterday, Gay’s Provinces of Night, and Chute’s The Beans of Egypt Maine transcends physical boundaries and is “seen heard, smelled, imagined, love, hated, feared, revered, enjoyed or avoided.” In Sent For You Yesterday, generations of Homewood inhabitants unconsciously become products of their landscape. The novel 's characters—Brother Tate, Doot Carl, Albert Wilkes (among others)—become manifestations of the history and experiences of Homewood, as…

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