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  • Disparities In Rural Areas

    urban areas, especially in the capital city of Lima, with the rural population lagging behind. According to the Population Reference Bureau (2015), the amount of people living below the poverty line is 36% higher in rural areas than in urban areas. While poverty is definitely a causative factor in the disparities that exist, in this paper I will examine some of these inequalities and show that one cause of them is the geographical isolation of many rural communities. Geographic isolation contributes to many different factors that lead to the…

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  • Rural Area Essay

    Various Definitions:-  Rural Area:- In general, a rural area is a geographic area that is located outside the cities and towns. The Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services define the word "rural" as encompassing "...all populations, housing, and territory not included within an urban area. Whatever is not urban is considered rural. Rural areas are also known as 'Countryside' or a 'village' in India. It has a very low density of…

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  • Mental Health Research Proposal

    Primary care providers in the rural areas can make a difference because consumers not only utilize their local primary care provider for medical needs but can identify with them on a personal basis. Research has indicated alternatives for mental health access. Research has confirmed evidence-based practice for rendering mental health services in the rural areas. In the rural areas, local primary care providers are usually part of the community and well respected. The proposed project is for…

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  • Serial Killer Scenarios

    There are about 282 million rural migrant workers in China, making up more than one third of the working population of China (DongFang, 2017). Every household in China have to register based on a system that was formally introduced by the Communist government in 1958 (DongFang, 2017). The majority of these jobs are low-paid jobs in manufacturing, construction and service work. On average, they would spend 25.2 days a month working, and 8.7 hours each day. The vast majority would work around 44…

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  • Toronto Case Study

    goods, and services. Immigrants and people moving from rural areas will opt to relocate to the suburbs where housing, goods, and services are more affordable [8]. Businesses, realizing the potential for growth in these areas, may choose to relocate to or expand in the suburbs. In Vaughan for example, the services being provided cater to the needs of the family-oriented community as well as the growing population of young professionals. This in turn will reduce the dependency on Toronto and the…

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  • Bodo Women Case Study

    study investigatesthat the agricultural and allied operations play a crucial role in income generation for the Bodo women. But, their incomes are not taken into account in the total family income. The sowing, weeding activities are performed only by women in Bodo society where the poultry, piggery, animal husbandry are also actively maintained by the women in their society. ii) TheBodo women are associated with the agricultural and allied operations in the manner of their traditional culture.…

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  • Reflective Essay 1: Sustained Dialogue

    structural characteristics conducive for rancorous conflict, it is a level beyond. The best way to describe what I have witnessed for years is totalitarian control. One man or his partners are the official powers behind all of the major governmental and institutional agencies of note in that community and have been since the early 1970s. Many outward observers would not realize the “strife and conflict” in many rural areas because unless and until the people hit a point of combustion, the news…

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  • Community Engagement Essay

    This plan is based on regional areas rural schools which aim to fostering school, family and community engagement to improve students’ learning, achievement and school performance. I will give a brief description about community engagement, key stakeholders who will involve in this project and effect the school community engagement. Furthermore this plan gives a description about engagement process, types and how this process could contribute to a broader community development initiative. This…

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  • Corridor Of Shame Analysis

    Roofs are being blown off the buildings and ceilings caving in! Rags placed in the hole in the walls and floors to keep out the cold and rain! Sewage coming up from the floors as children track it into the carpeted classroom rooms from the hallway! Everyone is running around asking for help, blaming each other and nothing still get done about the problem! Sounds like a bad sci-fi movie but this was the reality of the South Carolina school system documented in a film called, “Corridor of Shame.”…

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  • Cultural Identity Reflection Paper

    African Americans share many characteristics, beliefs, and values; however, each individual member of this culture is unique. I was born and raised in a small rural area called Boykins, Virginia in Southampton County. The history of slavery this area dates back to 1831. Slavery’s pivotal role in Southampton County has been recognized by the community, schools, and news reporters. Slavery is embedded in the African American roots. Today, African Americans, including myself, have experience…

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