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  • The Conservative Mind: Summary

    Doctor Russell Kirk, is a name that I never had heard of much less even understood his significance in American history and politics before I started at Emporia. While identifying as a Conservative for most of my life (Please forgive me, but my parents were “New Deal” Democrats and I was young at the time); I never understood the philosophy or the background of the Conservative movement. More importantly, I never connected faith and personal values into what it meant to be a Conservative. I grew up as a child of the 1960s cocooned in Middle America beliefs. I watched on TV of the national backlash towards many of the values that represented Middle America by what later would be deemed their cornerstone of the future Progressives of the…

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  • Summary Of Arthur Brooks The Conservative Heart

    Brooks had only one mention of Dr. Kirk in the entire book; if he had incorporated Kirk’s canons of what defines the modern Conservative movement, it would have carried his messaging even more clearly. These values represent a traditional Conservative way of thinking and Kirk strongly reinforced those ideals into his writings. The four canons that I see that should have been applied throughout this book are: a belief in a transcendent order ; a conviction that society requires orders and…

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  • Permanence Vs. Urgency: Russell Kirk And Michael Oakeshott

    Permanence vs. Urgency: A Study of Changing Social Order Russell Kirk and Michael Oakeshott express a view on government that serves to value the present accept change as inevitable but potentially dangerous. Cornel West and Ta-Nehisi Coates place emphasis on a flawed society founded on white supremacy that must be altered immediately. However, what West and Coates fail to accomplish is express a means to bring change to society that doesn’t disrupt civil order. Henceforth, Kirk and Oakeshott…

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  • Kirk's Catering & Carryout Case

    History of the Company Kirk’s Catering & Carryout is my dad, Kirk Hamilton’s, restaurant, located in Statesville, North Carolina. He has always worked in the food industry, and has always been passionate about food, so when the restaurant he was working at laid off a lot of people and moved him to a new location, he decided that that was the perfect time to open his own restaurant like he has always wanted. Kirk’s Catering & Carryout officially opened in May of 2012, but the business plan…

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  • Ben Hur Film Analysis

    Kirk Douglas has been quoted as believing the main storyline of the movie is one of love. He stated "Love predominates all through the movie: love between Spartacus and Varinia, love among the men; the whole revolt was based on a love of freedom, a love of humanity“. It is also said that, due to his Zionist background, Douglas also wanted a storyline to parallel the struggles, and efforts of Jewish people, in an expression of his religious background. This is a fair analysis of events; however,…

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  • Satire In Life Of Brian

    epic. Her status gave that movie a high reputation, and it helped generate a lot of money and publicity. She was making the highest salary in Hollywood during the production of this film (1 million dollars). Spartacus and the Hollywood Blacklist: By 1945 it had been suspected that Hollywood was being influenced by communists. In 1946 Hollywood published an article that listed several film writers suspected of being communists. Dalton Trumbo was one of those figures. He refused to answer…

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  • Wittgenstein Analysis

    What in the Tractatus is Wittgenstein Talking About? Early Wittgenstein seems to suggest that sentences of natural science have meaning, without being able to give meaning to the way of which we understand those sentences. This dismisses philosophy as only a tool to help clarify claims of natural science. However, he uses philosophy to come to this realization. He makes the realization that the way he explains his own findings are in fact a violation of those findings stating, “My propositions…

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  • Bertrand Russell The Value Of Philosophy To Individual Life Analysis

    Value of Philosophy to Individual life by Bertrand Russell. Russell’s goal of his article is to explain the everyday uses of philosophy and how philosophy influences human’s life both directly an indirectly. Russell also discusses how philosophy expands the human knowledge of what could be. Philosophy, according to Russell, frees our minds from the imprisonment of common sense. Therefore, this essay will explain Russell’s work and the point of his argument. Many scientists who study modern…

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  • Socrates Response To The Apology Analysis

    It is apparent that Euthyphro does not truly know what piety is; therefore, his soul is not in the best possible state since he has false beliefs. Certainly, money can buy education; however, it cannot buy true knowledge, which can only be attained through one 's desire and persistence to do philosophy. True knowledge, unlike wealth, is embedded within oneself. Even if Euthyphro had money to buy education to know what piety truly is, he would not know until he does philosophy. Bertrand Russell…

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  • Who Is The Hero In Ridley Scott's Gladiator

    Ridley Scott's Gladiator is a 2000 film industry achievement which stars the hero, Russel Crowe, as the unwavering Hispano-Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius. Joaquin Phoenix is the foe and stars as Commodus, the degenerate and goal-oriented child of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The maturing Emperor is featured by veteran performing artist Richard Harris. Lucilla, little girl of the Emperor, is featured by Connie Nielsen who needs to oppose the perverted advances of Commodus and ensure her…

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