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    cry out in outrage but even then the outrage dies down and the victims are forgotten. Many times there are witnesses to these crimes that do not act. In the third chapter, “In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing”, of Lauren Slater’s book Opening Skinner’s Box she references such a murder, that of Catherine Genovese. Miss Genovese’s death received the typical four lines in the newspaper and was quickly forgotten. Had it not been for A. M. Rosenhal the country may never have been changed by the knowledge that the vicious crime against Catherine Genovese was witnessed by not one or two people but by Thirty eight. These thirty eight people did nothing to stop the murder and rape of Catherine Genovese. According to Slater, John Darley, and Bibb Latane these thirty eight witnesses did nothing because of the bystander effect. This chapter of Slater’s book…

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