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  • Example Of Resilience

    My personal definition of resilience is that it’s an individual’s ability to overcome life events in a positive way. I have had to demonstrate resilience many times in my life. One example of my resilience was during a time where my life was changing drastically. As a recent college graduate, I was moving forward with life beyond the college campus and embarking on a new journey to graduate school. However, an unexpected event threatened to change that path. BRIEF SUMMARY On August 7, 2015 I was driving to the library to prepare for my graduate assistantship interview at Georgia Southern University. I had graduated from the University of Georgia a few months prior and had decided to go back to graduate school to become a school psychologist. The library I was going to was located on a moderately busy road in my hometown. Traffic was light because it was after the morning rush, but before the lunch hour. As I was making a left turn to go into the parking lot of the library, a large, white truck rammed into the back of my car. I was in so much shock and disbelief from the intensity of the crash. I was not hurt in any major way, but my car had been totaled and I was very sad about losing the car that I had just received as a graduation gift.…

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  • Confidentiality In Group Therapy

    group leaders reported they had violated the confidentiality of their members in the last two years” (Lasky, 2005). Typically, those who are participants in group therapy are advised to keep what is said within the session private – some clients, depending on the organization under which the session is occurring, might be asked to sign a consent form acknowledging that their confidentiality might be violated. The American Psychological Association posts on their group therapy FAQ (answered by…

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  • Becoming An I/O Psychologist

    conclusion that becoming an I/O Psychologist would be the best option for me. There are a few reasons why this career became an interest of mine. First off, by becoming an I/O Psychologist I will actually be able to make a change in the world and help people. An I/O Psychologist spends their time helping the people within large corporations work more cohesively. By doing this, I could potentially help these large companies be more productive, which would lead to them creating content or…

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  • In The Unlikely Event Of A Water Landing Analysis

    In the Unlikely Event of a Water landing Tragedies such as murder and rape are thought to be horrendous crimes; acts so violent and malicious that the perpetrators must spend their lives in prison to pay their dues, but these crimes occur so often they rarely make headlines anymore. Every once in a while a big “story” will hit the news and the masses will cry out in outrage but even then the outrage dies down and the victims are forgotten. Many times there are witnesses to these crimes that do…

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  • Confidentiality In Psychology

    with anyone. The American Psychological Association defines confidentiality an ethical duty as a mental health professional, in which not to converse any information amongst anyone else (APA, 2010b). A privilege…

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  • Zimbardo And Social Psychology Essay

    situational social psychology came from his Stanford prison experiment. The Stanford prison experiment was designed to observe obedience and role adaption. Following this experiment: Zimbardo published a book discussing the experiment (The Lucifer Effect), there have many movies and documentaries filmed, additional studies and experiments performed looking at obedience (situational vs dispositional behavior) and there have been connections to the abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in an Iraqi city…

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  • Prescription Privilege In Counseling Psychology

    When beginning to tackle the question of whether psychologists should be granted the ability to prescribe drugs, one could imagine the answer would be simple to find. However, upon closer examination and consideration, the answer and support in either direction is not clear cut. Though both sides present equally compelling arguments, allowing psychologists prescription privileges emerges as the most convincing. This conclusion comes about mainly because of the belief that psychologists would be…

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  • A Career As A Psychologist

    The occupation of being a psychologist includes a whole lot of studying, but to be a researcher in psychology you 'll need a doctoral degree! For just being a psychologist you’ll only need to have a PhD. There are 4 years of college then there is 5 years of graduate school. As for a doctoral psychologist you will need a PsyD, including for clinical, school, and health it will require a 1 year internship which is part of the doctoral program. The Psy.D is a clinical degree and is often used for…

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  • Nisbett's Theory Of Obedience

    Many scientists such as Stanley Milgram, Erich Fromm, Lee Ross and Richard E. Nisbett have tested their theory of obedience to authority. Their findings might frighten people on how obedient people are and what the sick and twisted things people will do. An example of obedience to authority is the writing of this paper for Doctor Campbell, if not done properly with obedience the grade of the student will plummet. Another example of people listening to orders given by an authoritarian person…

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  • Social Perceptions Inaccurate

    Summary: Social psychologists have been debating the question “Are our social perceptions often inaccurate” for many years, each coming to their own conclusion. Social psychologists Lee Ross and Richard Nisbett argue that people’s perceptions are indeed often inaccurate, due to a “dispensationalist bias” (“Are Our Social. . .”). However David C. Funder believes that our perceptions are not often mistaken and that their behavior is due to their dispositions. Ross and Nisbett would argue that the…

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