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  • Derogatory Stereotypes

    There are many categories of stereotypes. There are those that society embraces and facilitates, those that are formed by groups of people with regard to themselves and others, and finally there are your own personal stereotypes that you apply to people in any given situation. They can, in some circumstances, be positive but for the most part they are negative thus giving the wrong impression of who people are and how they truly act. I think on a whole, most people know that it is wrong to use stereotypes to judge people in a negative manner, yet so many of us fail to even realize that we are using stereotypes. Unless you are someone who has been or is directly affected, on a regular basis, by a stereotype I think most of society never thinks to apply them to one’s self or what it would be like to be continually judged on the basis of untrue information. As you grow and develop you can choose to discount many of these stereotypes. You instead form new ones, and while they still put people into boxes they can be used in a positive manner. You can choose not to spread the negative and incorrect ideas that most stereotypes perpetuate. I believe I am of an age that allows me to discount most derogatory stereotypes simply because they do not fit with what I know. On the other hand, I also understand that if I am not diligent about how I see the world, I can and will fail to notice the subtler negative images and misinformation that bombards my daily life and the damage it is…

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