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  • What Is The Purpose Of Pharmacy Essay

    When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up as far back as in my elementary years , I never minced word about wanting to be a pharmacist. A story my mother told me about an incidence that occurred during my childhood inflamed this early desire to pursue pharmacy as a career. According to my mother, at about year two, I swallowed Valium tablets that I found lying around in the house. Consequently, I started acting irrationally, laughing uncontrollably and became sleep-deprived. Without a doubt, I ended up in the emergency room once my parents discovered what had happened . Apparently this story lingered on in my brain as I continued to be intrigued by “the magic” in this medicine that made me mentally unstable at such a young age. In order…

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  • Why I Chose Pharmacy Essay

    As I sat anxiously in my desk the last day of high school, I felt compelled and overwhelmed to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare because of my mother, who was a registered nurse. Witnessing the love and care my mother had for every patient even when she was not on the clock really inspired the drive for me to impact the lives of others just as I saw her do. Although after I shadowed one of my mother’s colleagues, I knew I could…

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  • Bioavailability Of Inhalers

    theophylline and higher doses could be required. Secondly, theophylline is metabolised in the liver via cytochrome P450, as a result it involves in a lot of drug interactions. Therefore, monitoring by a clinical pharmacist is necessary with this medication (Dipiro et al., 2008). Additionally, when using inhaled drugs, clinical pharmacists can assist in determining a number of factors such as if it is suitable to give inhalers as a combination, which inhaler can be given with the others and which…

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  • Pharmacist Career Research Paper

    student there are endless opportunities and career paths one can take. Having many choices is a good thing as it will be easier to find a job. Having many choices is stressful; it’s hard making the right choice. I however have narrowed it down to getting a pharmaceutical degree, but there are still many career paths I can take. There are many different career paths one can follow with a pharmaceutical degree some being clinical, medical and in retail (Santiago). The first and the most…

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  • Pharmacy Admission Essay Sample

    I am writing to express my strong interest in the PGY1 pharmacy practice residency program at the University of North Carolina Medical Center (UNCMC). I have had the pleasure to meet you, Dr. Rao, and some of the current PGY1 residents at the ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting; where we went through a very informative overview of the PGY1 residency program at UNCMC and I have had a great discussion with the PGY1 residents. As you may know, I am a fourth-year student at the University of Illinois at…

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  • Pharmacist Personal Statement

    As a recently qualified pharmacist, with a 2:1 honours degree in pharmacy from the University of Portsmouth, I am keen to establish a career in hospital pharmacy. Looking to secure a position in hospital pharmacy, where I can Achieving first place in the McNeil competition (Portsmouth university round) affirms my ability to communicate appropriate, emphatically and efficiently to patients. The McNeil competition was assessed on a persons ' ability to successfully counsel a patient, this involved…

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  • Satellite Pharmacy Inventory

    satellite pharmacy does are drug preparations. In most operating rooms drug preparations and distribution are assigned to technicians with the watchful eye of the pharmacist. Drugs that are used for non-anesthesiology purposes and nonspecific cases, pre-determined medications can be produced and may be used for any patient. Automated medication storage and distribution devices are used to supply medication to surgeons and nurses. These automated devices are very accurate and saves the…

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  • Pharmacist Essay

    prescribes for patients. Some aspects of pharmacy has been, constant- unchanged over a long time period of time. The first college of pharmacy in the United States was founded in 1821 as the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Many colleges followed after. No information was found about the establishment of the first pharmacy school in Mexico. Currently, there is eleven pharmacy schools in California and one-hundred thirty nine pharmacy schools in the United States. In Mexico, there is only four…

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  • Summary Of A Personal Reflection

    exposed me to different scenarios and diagnoses, however I found the clinical setting to be the most engaging. At my current position as a pharmacy assistant, working with professionals continually expands my knowledge for the field. For instance, I was dispensing large amounts of metformin for a patient. The massive size and suspicious fishy odor of the pills quickly caught my attention. I asked the pharmacist why the medicine had such characteristics and what metformin does to the body. He…

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  • Pharmacy Technician

    Enrolling in a nine-month pharmacy tech career program at Everest University, I decided to attend and obtain my award certificate in pharmacy, in addition, become a certified and licensed pharmacy technician. Why, pharmacy technician because I could play a vital role in the community as a pharmacy consumer advocate, serving immediate and long-term health needs and goals (Everest University). As a pharmacy technician, I could work in a fast paced environment where I would assist the pharmacist by…

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