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  • Clinical Nurse Leader Essay

    Clinical Nurse Leader as an Agent of Change The fast changing healthcare environment necessitates an advanced generalist to oversee the care being delivered in the microsystem. The mission is to improve the quality of patient care and prepare other nurses with the skills necessary in the current and future healthcare system. The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) focuses on the patient safety with an evidence of leadership, teamwork, effective communication, and patient-centeredness utilizing evidence-based practices in the promotion, treatment, and management of care in a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. As an integral part of the healthcare team, the CNL will serve as an agent of change. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed The knowledge and skills of the CNL gained during the program creates a confident, knowledgeable, and a professional expertise in the improvement of patient outcomes, thus the success of the CNL leadership. According to Kowalski and Yoder-Wise (2003), there are 5 elements that form a major part of leadership, which are: character, commitment, connectedness, compassion, and confidence. “Character creates trust in relationships, and trust allows leaders to lead” (Kowalski & Yoder-Wise, 2003, p. 27).…

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  • Clinical Nurse Leader: A Case Study

    As a horizontal leader, the Clinical Nurse Leader is pivotal to the healthcare team, serving as a critical navigator through the microsystem (Harris, et. al., 2014). In preparing the CNL for the prestigious role, such skills as effective communication, collaboration, negotiation, delegation, coordination and evaluation must be learned and mastered for the CNL to be successful in demonstrating the strength of this new type of nurse. It is through these advanced characteristics that will aid the…

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  • Case Study: Clinical Nurse Leader

    Clinical Nurse Leader Introduction and Background The CNL is a master’s prepared registered nurse trained as a generalist who will provide clinical leadership in the emergency department (ED) at the point of care (Reid & Dennison, 2011). In conjunction with the unit manager and educator, the CNL will contribute leadership and knowledge at the microsystem (unit) level (Perry, 2011). The CNL will improve patient quality and safety outcomes via addressing organizational needs and assisting in the…

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  • Clinical Nurse Leader Report

    Clinical Leadership Theme The aim of this Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) project is to improve the communication and collaboration among the nurses at Rosewood Care Center’s sub-acute unit. The implementation of bedside reporting to standardize the process of shift handoffs will be part of an evidence-based nursing quality improvement project of the unit. The goal is to develop a change in nursing practice that will ensure the delivery of safe, quality, and effective patient care. The project…

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  • Reflection On Dr. Best Teaching Strategies In Nursing Education

    Dr. Best teaching method included clinical scenarios and I shared clinical perspective of administration of Vancomycin and important nursing consideration with patients taking this medication. The trough level are drawn and monitor to make adjustments to medication. Teaching strategies used were writing on the white board and critical thinking scenarios. Disseminating knowledge on Vancomycin in the classroom setting was a great teaching and learning experience. Dr. Best and I discussed…

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  • Why I Enrolled In The MSN Program

    the desire to uplift my profession into the next level. I have been exploring for an online program that will satisfy my desire to discover the potential within me as a leader, a mentor, an agent of change, and a lifelong learner. I stumbled upon the University of San Francisco’s Master’s of Science in Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader (USF MSN-CNL) online program. After deliberating and speaking to people close to me who graduated from the program, I am convinced that the USF MSN-CNL is the…

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  • My Goals And Goals Of The Clinical Nurse Leader

    I truly believe in the saying, “You are nothing without your past.” Our experiences affect how we think, feel, and act as well as help shape our morals, attitude, and social behavior. My experiences—both good and bad—molded me into the person I am today, and the person I hope to become tomorrow. The hurdles I faced during childhood developed into a desire to aid others, while my years as an Army officer created a love and desire to lead. Nursing is a profession that symbolizes selflessness…

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  • Clinical Nurse Scholarship Essay

    filling. This position had me tracking all documents related to over 100 personnel. In addition to the processing and tracking of all documents, my responsibilities also included being the communication between higher leadership and all personnel, knowing dates time and information of all training events, and ensuring the welfare of all personnel. As a Sergeant it was still my responsibility to guide and mentor any soldiers who came to me. There were times while in this position I also had to…

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  • Essay On Physical Restraint

    about four to five days or more. There are instances that a patient needs placement to a SNF, but awaiting insurance approval. The patient stayed until the authorization is received by the admitting facility. The 4 East census is full all the time. Occasionally, patients from the Respiratory Intensive Care Unit (RICU) comes to this floor when the patient gets downgraded. The staffing mix includes Hospitalist doctors, registered nurses, case managers, social worker, and a secretary, with an…

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  • Situational Leadership Theory

    Hersey states that successful leaders rather than using one leadership style should adapt their styles in relation to the maturity of the people being led and the details of the task. In using this theory, leaders place more or less emphasis on the task and the people being led depending on what will get the task at hand successfully done. The style may continually change to meet the needs of others based on the prevalent situation in the organization.…

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