Reflection On Dr. Best Teaching Strategies In Nursing Education

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Dr. Best teaching method included clinical scenarios and I shared clinical perspective of administration of Vancomycin and important nursing consideration with patients taking this medication. The trough level are drawn and monitor to make adjustments to medication. Teaching strategies used were writing on the white board and critical thinking scenarios. Disseminating knowledge on Vancomycin in the classroom setting was a great teaching and learning experience.

Dr. Best and I discussed writing good test questions, objectives for class lecture, and available resources. Objectives are a guide to make sure address specific areas of the lesson plan. Writing test questions took time for mastery. As I prepared for lecture on endocrine drug classification I wrote the objectives and questions for
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One of the main points was about new policy on clinical attendance that needs to be approve then implemented with students.
One of the major ideas of the MSN meeting was about the education track and included recruitment. Several strategies including information sessions and educational conferences. I shared my ideas about online nurse educator program which I thought was an important student perspective.
I enjoyed my first education conference and learned from a diverse group of nurses. The conference started with a focus on caring for yourself and not feeling guilty about it. The topics included academic honesty, learning needs assessment, interactive classroom with simulation, poster presentation, and networking. This was exceptional experience as a novice in nursing education. I plan on attendance at professional development conferences.
Dr. Best and I discussed the various teaching strategies for classroom and clinical settings during this meeting including interactive lecture, NCLEX blueprint for test questions, storytelling, simulation, and assessment of learning

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