The Work Of Robert Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative On The Future Of Nursing

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This essay will discuss the work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative on the future of nursing. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) “Future of Nursing” report in relation to nursing practice, education and workforce development will also be explored. Finally, California’s progress in implementing the changes set forth by the IOM report will be discussed. In 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Institute of Medicine (IOM) completed a two-year program that assessed a need to transform the way patient care was delivered through the nursing profession. Then, in 2010 the IOM and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation presented a blueprint to be used in transforming health care by strengthening the nursing profession. The blueprint …show more content…
In complying with the IOM recommendation and allowing nurses to practice to the full extent of their education/training patients would have more options in seeking health care, including preventive treatment. However, insurance companies would need to accept and honor referrals and care completed by advanced practice nurses. In correlation with being able to practice to the full capsity of their license /scope of practice more nurses would be more inclined to continue their education, obtain advance degrees and be engaged in lifelong learning. Another key point of the IOM was that there needs to be “an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression” (The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, 2010) through the creation of residency programs as well as tuition reimbursement/loan forgiveness. Part of the goal of the IOM report is to improve patient satisfaction, decrease hospital admissions, and decrease the shortage of nurses (The Future of Nursing: Leading …show more content…
The Tri Council for nursing -American Nurses Association, American Association of Colleges of Nurses, National League for Nursing and American Organization of Nurse Executives- strongly endorses the IOM’s report and Campaign for Action. The TriCouncil for nursing recognizes the need for additional nurses to take on a central role in healthcare reform through leadership roles to meet the needs of the evolving healthcare system and supports the four key messages present by the IOM. Implementing the IOM’s Campaign for Action would also eliminate the confusion about what education level is required for each nursing position. Entry level nurses will be expected to have a BSN while nurse managers and educators will be required to hold a master’s of science in nursing (MSN), promoting a lifelong learning for nurses and improving overall patient care (Nursing 's future: What 's the message?,

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