Impact Of Iom Report On Nursing

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The Impact of IOM Report on Nursing
Nursing plays a dynamic role in Patient care. Nurses educate, advocate, care and comfort patients. Moreover, nurses do 24 hour bedside care; they assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care and comfort of the patient. Furthermore, they communicate and collaborate on patient care with other care team members. Nurses are the eyes and ears of the patient. Institute of medicine (IOM) understand the relation of nursing care and patient outcome. IOM perceives nurses going above and beyond to improve increasingly complex health care industry. IOM wants nurses to get higher education and function leadership role to improve patient outcome. Nevertheless, IOM calls on nurses to take a greater role in the growing
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4). The orders given were not evaluated or followed correctly. So there were gaps in the old system. The leaders would give orders and aspect to be done. Leaders were not around to see if it was done correctly, or if it was ever done. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan of care was not done. The patient outcome was not satisfactory. IOM reports say “nurses should be full partners with physicians and other health professionals, in redesigning health care in the United States” (American Sentinel University, 2011, para. 1). Nurses should work as a leader. Nurses should collaborate with other health care team members and make a plan of care. Nurses should manage and direct the patient care because they are on the bedside 24/7. In this redesigned health care management system, nurses are in a management role and leadership role. They are able to seal the gap between the patient concerns and care provided. Consequently, the patient satisfaction rate has improved from the …show more content…
We as a nurse and nursing student are trying our level best to peruse higher level of education to develop our nursing practice in order to provide quality care. Nurses are switching their roles of management and provider level and not limiting to bedside care. Nurses are performing new roles such as nursing director, nurse manager, housing director, chief nursing office and chief executive officer to meet the IOM report goals. Nursing roles such as nurse care coordinator, case manager, assessment and referral nurse, patient safety nurse, emergency management director, nurse coach, and chief nursing informatics officer are on the rise to fulfil health care shortage. Nurses are expanding and changing their careers to meet the IOM goals and to provide seamless, affordable, and quality

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