Nursing: The Definition Of Nursing

Definition of Nursing
Traditionally, nursing is defined as taking care of sick, injured and elder people who need help from others. According to Florence Nightingale note, nursing “What nursing has to do… is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him” (Nightingale, 1859). Nightingale stated that nursing “ought to signify the proper use of fresh air, light, warmth, cleanliness, quiet, and the proper selection and administration of diet – all at the least expense of vital power to the patient.” She is indicating that nurses are proving a quality of life for client by providing the basic physiological needs to her clients. In addition, the American Nursing Association (ANA 2003) also states “nursing is protection, promotion,
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In healthcare sectors nurses are a backbone of healthcare system providing better outcome by achieving the need of patient. Nowadays role of nursing is rapidly evolving as nurses are tasked with an even wider range of health care responsible. According to Karen Mattern (2010), “The role of the nurse has certainly expanded from that of the mother in the home, nourishing infants and caring for young children. Care of the sick, infirm, helpless, elderly, and handicapped and the promotion of health have become vital aspects of nurse as a whole” (p. 2). She is indicating that the role of nursing is eventually moving up from home care to higher level of care and health promotion to others. In addition to, the role of nursing Matter (2010), emphasize, “The role of the nurse-caregiver is holistic and integrated into all other roles that the nurse fulfills, thus maintaining and promoting health and well-being” (P.2). She is demonstrating that role nurse is a multiple task and integrated concurrently in interactions with patients and others healthcare team. Additionally, nurses have a major role in healthcare sectors by teaching, communicating, advocating, counseling, and leading patients. So the role of nursing in our society is providing a wide range of achieve their physical, mental and social …show more content…
According Institute of Medicine (2010), report “Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training” (P.21). The report emphasize that expanding educational prospects and advanced training and practice opportunities will create more effective nurse leaders to play an increased role and improve our changing healthcare community in the future. Also increasing levels of technology in our society have demanded increased skills in both documentation and in pulling together different resources to obtain information needed to make critical decision for patient health care. For instance, the use of telemonitoring, video, and smart houses are dramatically changing the future of health care in our community. This will enable one nurse to care for many for many more patients than he/she is capable of safely

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