Self Determination In Nursing

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Nursing, from the perspective of a first-year nursing student, is a profession that is underestimated. Nurses are the backbone of all health care facilities; without them, quality of care would greatly decrease. Through the influence of maternal figures in my family, along with an inherent interest in health care and a strong desire to care for others, I was drawn to the profession of nursing. However, a nurse requires more than merely an interest and the desire to care for others. During my first few months as a nursing student, my understanding of nursing, or lack thereof has come to light. Through comparing my personal attributes and skills as a student nurse with the required attributes of a professional nurse, my overall competence and preparedness is uncovered. Every individual has a unique past. Though any two may end up in the …show more content…
I am a first-degree black belt in ITF Taekwon-Do, a skilled clarinet player, a maintainer of proficient grades, and was a successful lead of five drama productions in my high school. These personal experiences clearly reflect my inherent determination. Once I determine a course of action in my mind, I do not stop until I reach my goal. According to research, “self-determination theory (SDT) may be an important theoretical framework . . . [for] . . . implementing patient centered care” (Podlog & Brown, 2016, p. 359). Self-determination theory revolves around human motivation, and the ability of an individual to control, regulate, comprehend and relate ideas and actions (Ryan & Deci, 2002, p. 71). Without determination, a nurse cannot complete his/her job. During my short term as a nursing student so far, it has been engrained in my mind that nursing is a demanding profession and will demand so much from one individual. Without the determination to complete every task and ‘push through’ a nurse will not

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