Clinical death

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  • Double Effect

    Under U.S. law, adult patients with capacity have the right to accept and to refuse treatment. Though a patient accepts treatment, that patient at any time may request to withdraw treatment, even if the consequence of withdrawal is death. Take patient A for example. Patient A has condition X and needs a G-tube to stay alive. A is not conscious and therefore cannot give informed consent. A does have a health care agent and the agent gives permission to the clinician. So, A is given a G-tube. After two months of not getting better, the agent asks the clinician to withdraw the G-tube, knowing that withdrawal will lead to A’s death. After some discussion, the clinician withdraws the G-tube and A dies. Here the doctrine of double effect need not be invoked. This is the same for withholding treatment, if A needed a G-tube and A’s health care agent refused placement, the clinician would withhold treatment and A would die. Again, both are done in clinical practice and are seen as ethical and legal without invoking the doctrine of double effect. So, what distinguishes these three cases from physician aid in…

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  • Case Study Of Ag's Ethical Dilemma

    committee prefers to find an on-staff volunteer lawyer with clinical experience. Ultimately, all ethics committee members unanimously convey that they want to change to happen. The question remains how community involvement in addressing the issue shall be the most effective. The topic of DNR is necessary for the elderly with chronic illness. With the elderly in mind, there is still much legal jargon to argue against KSA65-4941(2) policy. Cancer Patient Case Study After hashing out the DNR AG…

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  • Jessie Gelsinger Case Summary

    The third ethical concern in the Jessie Gelsinger case concerned its lack of safety. In the aftermath of Jesse’s death, it was found that the University and Wilson did not disclose of other adverse reactions to patients already in the clinical trial to Jesse or the FDA (R. Wilson, 2010). It also did not advise the National Institutes of Health’s Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) about changes to study design, like the change in route of administration of the adenovirus (R. Wilson,…

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  • Essay On Henrietta Lacks Unethical Research

    The health care providers utilized the illegally obtained cells from Henrietta who was poke and prodded before and after her death. In the book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” author Rebecca Skloot uncovers “She signed a form with the words of operation permit at the top of the page” a statement found in the book showing that Henrietta signed to the consent of the operation permit, but that form did not include the ability of any physician to extract anything from Henrietta’s body.…

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  • Case Study On Diabetes

    Rationale Diabetic patients have major risk of cardiovascular disease leading cause of morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study is the importance of choosing drugs that do not increase cardiovascular risk and reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. The US FDA and has recommended its Guidance for Industry for drug developers in 2008 that new drugs for type 2 diabetes undergo clinical trials should fulfill cardiovascular safety in addition to glycemic benefit and rule out potentially…

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  • Bioavailability Of Inhalers

    theophylline and higher doses could be required. Secondly, theophylline is metabolised in the liver via cytochrome P450, as a result it involves in a lot of drug interactions. Therefore, monitoring by a clinical pharmacist is necessary with this medication (Dipiro et al., 2008). Additionally, when using inhaled drugs, clinical pharmacists can assist in determining a number of factors such as if it is suitable to give inhalers as a combination, which inhaler can be given with the others and which…

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  • Why Are Primary Endpoints Important

    Primary endpoints are the most important aspect of the clinical trials that help determine their relevance in regards to research and development. It is the outcome by which the effectiveness of treatments in a clinical trial is evaluated. Because of its importance, it is essential for primary endpoints to be concisely and carefully specified to ensure that the results will be accurate and accepted in the scientific community. They must possess important characteristics that ensure qualitative…

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  • Art Therapy Personal Statement

    Knowing how to respond to someone who was going through difficult medical treatments, like chemotherapy, or who had lost someone was difficult. Yet the longer I worked in the hospital the more I started to get the sense that tip toeing around patients and families was unnecessary. It just added to the load of their already emotional journey. This was a good lesson to learn early on because illness, death, and dying is a reality of life that I will most likely come into contact with as a…

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  • Atrial Fibrillation Paper

    utilization of RAAS inhibitors (i.e., the exposure/treatment of interest), BBs and CCBs (i.e., the two active control drugs) among Medicare beneficiaries with HTN (i.e., the target population) who filled prescriptions of one of the above study medications between January 1, 2007 and September 30, 2011. Specific Aim 2. To assess the preventive effect of RAAS inhibitors against the occurrence of newly-documented AF as compared with BBs or CCBs. Aim 2a. To compare the monotherapy of RAAS…

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  • Becoming A Clinical Psychologist Essay

    out of the death of my friend Aiden in high school He committed suicide after coming out as gay to his family, but not before his father threatened to disown him, his grandfather suggesting he join the Marines, his grandmother trying to "change his mind" with religion and his mother staying silent, he received everything except for what he truly needed, understanding, support and most importantly the feeling of unconditional love from the people that matter most and in the end it was all too…

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