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  • Gibba Jabber Writing System

    Although the number system is the same as in the United States of America, the way they are written in text is different. The numbers are fairly similar. They have the same number symbol, but with a diagonal line going through them from the top left to the bottom right. The numbers are used in various ways such as stating a monetary value, timekeeping, and measurements. They are all kept on a form of screen text such as texting or in a computer program. This is due to our written language being a form of text and displayed on a…

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  • Classroom Observation In Schools

    The name of the center that I have chosen was Omaha Early Learning Community (OELC) located as of now in Skinner Magnet School, in Omaha, Nebraska. The ages of children in the room are from sixteen months to twenty-two months old. I (Kellee R. Smith) am the Lead Teacher and I have a one Teacher Assistant and one Aide who has had little experience with toddlers and infants. ____ Part 1: Classroom observation: What score did you assign FOR EACH Item and why? What were the strengths? Any areas…

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  • Adaptive Skills: Fraidy

    Adaptive Skills: Self-care: Fraidy D. is not a picky eater, eating most foods and textures. She doesn’t use the side of a fork to cut her food since she usually uses a plastic knife instead. Fraidy dresses and undresses alone properly with minimal help or supervision. She chooses clothing that she likes or desires to wear but it isn’t necessarily inclined to the weather but can be appropriate for the occasion. This can be due to the fact, that she has a uniform to wear to school but the mom…

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  • Terrain Contour Matching Analysis

    However, the restoration for the image is done equivalently and so it cannot tell apart homogeneous areas from uneven terrain. This issue can also be sorted by altering the anisotropic diffusion where the research on this was done by (P. Perona, 1990). So the images can be smooth and not affect the edges, so a second directional derivative this time in parallel and orthogonal to the gradient on the image is carried out: ‘ΙΔuΙ’ relates to the gradient norm and ‘div’ to the divergence…

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  • So Much Water So Close To Home Analysis

    nature of discovery is best explored both in and through a text in order to receive a more sustained understanding of the concept. The two approaches are closely linked and, as a result, complement each other to quite a large extent. James Bradley’s novel Wrack and Raymond Carver’s short story So Much Water So Close to Home (So Much Water) contrast the effects of the process of deliberate discoveries evoked by necessity with sudden physical discoveries on an individual’s relationships.…

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  • Why Is Writing So Important?

    Forget the image of the lone developer, sitting alone in a room coding on a Matrix-like black and green screen. No matter the code produced, developers need to be not only good oral communicators, they must also be able to write well. But we all struggle to use the language correctly and in a business where teams have developers with different native languages (my first language is Portuguese) we all need some help. In this post, I 'll provide an overview of some techniques and tools that…

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  • Why My Fake Facebook Post

    concerning the rhetorical situation for writing to the public. I figured out that my ideal audience for a Facebook post are my family, friends, and people I know such as acquaintances, co-workers and etc. Which is very helpful to know, because this tells me that I am not bound by formal language and gives me a larger vocabulary. My purpose was to inform and to convince my audience to donate to and support the Syrian refugees and my stance was the fact that refugee help centers such as the Red…

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  • Growing Up Ethnic In America, By Amy Tan

    are focused. Since, American culture and another countries’ cultures are very different. There is difficulty in relationship between them. Therefore, we could specify about conflict that the writers want to tell us. Also, the writer’s way to write this texts are very strictly divided, American culture and parent culture even them personality and skills. However, it is interesting that immigrants’ lives are very much to my stereotype. In text of Amy Tan, “Rules of Games, the Mother of main…

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  • Analysis Of The Red Tree By Shaun Tan

    both the illustrations and written text generally can exist independently, but complement each other. There is a strong marriage between the written and visual language in Tan’s book that creates a harmonious connection to powerfully and effectively represent depression. The illustrations in The Red Tree are the most important element of the book; Tan effectively represents depression by using colour, strong imagery and the significance of a red leaf which appears somewhere on each page. The…

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  • My Reflection On Reading And Writing

    When the required twenty minutes was up we moved into our writing lesson. The idea was to stick with the non-fiction theme and teach them how to write an information text. I chose to do a lesson about “What am I good at.” I felt that the time that I had to complete this lesson, twenty minutes, I didn’t have time to require them to write about something that they would have to research. From earlier classes that I have taken at USC, I knew that using the knowledge that the students’ already…

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