Fallout Vs Elder Scrolls

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Brittnany Brandenburg
Instructor Nixon-Wyatt
ENG 101
10 October 2017

Fallout vs The Elder Scrolls: A Comparison

Video games are a treasured pastime for many young adults today and role-playing is among its top-selling genres. In this essay I will be comparing two of the most popular RPG series: Fallout™ and The Elder Scrolls™; their history, their style, and their stories. Although the similarities of The Elder Scrolls™ and Fallout™ are noticeable, their differences are pronounced and deserve thorough investigation.
One such difference between Fallout™ and The Elder Scrolls™ is their history. The Fallout games were the brain child of Interplay Entertainment™ and widely speculated to be a sequel to their game Wasteland, though this has never been confirmed. While Fallout™ and Fallout 2™ were a hit with players, critics of the games were unimpressed with the style and lamented about “bugs”. Unfortunately, neither game sold well and Interplay decided to sell the rights of Fallout 3 to Bethesda Softworks™ in 2004 to save themselves from bankruptcy. Fallout 3™ was released in 2008 and was praised by the press for its first-person perspective, intuitive design, and unique combat system. Fans of the first two games were skeptical at first, since Fallout
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Players became immersed in a world where gods would meddle in the lives of the inhabitants and dragons soared in the skies. There were mages so powerful that they became living gods; revered by some, detested and labelled heretics by others. Unlike the Fallout™ series, players could choose different races and classes for their character with each having its own advantages. These included the feline Khajiit, reptilian Argonians, and various races of humans and elves. In each game, there were vast and beautiful environments to explore, countless things to do, and a vast array of characters to

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