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  • Posigen's Services Case Study

    services, you will need to contact them to see if they would be willing to serve your area. If you live in a state outside of PosiGen 's service area, then you would be better off finding a local solar company to take care of your solar needs. Generally, a local solar company is better suited to provide you with a system that will perform optimally in your particular environment as they are familiar with the weather and any other area issues that are specific…

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  • Case Study: Continuity Of Operations And Fixed Assists

    However, you did not complete the following required trainings: Continuity of Operations and Fixed Assists. You completed 4 additional training (shown below) during this rating period to enhance your professional development and you completed an 8 hour course in Mental Health First Aid which resulted in you receiving a certification in this area from 10/2015 -10/2018. Anjail you continue to be a vital part in developing necessary changes in local operations. You are constantly exploring…

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  • Not-For-Profit Organization Case Study

    and affordability as well as safety mechanisms to avoid lethal mishaps. If profitable, this firm would better use their gross profit margin as a basis to advocate for a world in which violence is less and less needed. Reflection Prompt #2 Fines, Business Dishonoring, and Public-Service Order 1.) Fines or Penalties “The punishment that the firm would undergo may be fines or penalties. Fines are a fee of money enforced as a punishment for an offense” (Fieser & Moseley, 2012). The group may…

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  • Personal Narrative: Student Internship

    In January, when I first started my internship at the Mansfield Youth Services Bureau, I was unsure of whether or not it was the type of placement I was in search of. When I first reached out to the Director of Youth Services, Pat Michalak, it was with the intention that I would be placed in a position where I could gain hands-on experience working with youth, ages 18 and under, but that was not what was available to me at the time. The bureau’s two initiatives that allow for direct involvement…

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  • My Experience In My Field Experience

    September 22 and September 29th; 7:40 am-2: 40 pm The last two weeks have been a little crazy, to say the least. I really feel like in these past two weeks and especially today, that I have been getting really involved in day-to-day activities with the class. The past two Thursdays were pretty similar to any normal Thursday in this class. Like normal, the class eats breakfast and then does their daily jobs. I have gotten the opportunity to work with my host teacher and two students on watering…

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  • Importance Of Master Your Linkedin Profile

    Master Your Linkedin Profile in 5 Simple Steps Creating a good LinkedIn profile isn’t rocket science. In many cases, the most valuable addition to your LinkedIn is your time. It makes sense that the more time you invest in making your profile better, then the better it will become. You may have the occasional misfire, but so long as you are improving and perfecting your profile on a regular basis, you are mastering your LinkedIn profile. Step 1. Take a professional photo It goes without…

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  • Winning By Jack Welch Summary

    The book Winning by Jack Welch teaches about the methods that he has used to be successful in business or in his words, to win in business. The book uses four different sections of business to develop to strategy to win. The four sections are start of the business, the company itself, the competition and lastly, the career. From these topics, I’ve chosen three chapters to discuss in detail; these are Candor, Differentiation, Voice and Dignity. To begin, Candor is the processing of communicating…

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  • Burger King Analysis

    Introduction It has come to my attention Professor Flynn that our customers are dissatisfied with the way they are being treated. It seems that the training for the crew members seems to be lacking. We have talked to our employees and asked what they need from us and their answers were standard, we need to be trained better. In order to do this, I am doing some research into which would be the best way to accommodate this. In my opinion, when customers and crew realize that there…

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  • Importance Of Iot

    reliance with insights which are provided due to data generated in an unstructured form. The need of IoT resides in increasing the connection of devices, which are used in daily lives in terms of data collection. Imagine a hospital, where devices are well connected to each other so that each and every operation has an optimal performance. Hence, the quality of service in the healthcare sector as a whole would improve. Another example could be controlled natural disaster management where…

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  • Reflection Paper On English 102

    without a doubt that it has made me into a better writer for many reasons. By taking English 102, it has helped me realize my personal strengths in writing. I feel that I am very good at getting the format correctly for each paper. I understand what is expected format wise and usually tell my peers in peer review how they…

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