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  • Sunnyside Assisted Living: Case Study

    SunnySide Assisted Living is a newly opened assisted living facility that offers a wide range of services and activities. SunnySide Assisted Living is designed to allow elderly individuals to enjoy retirement while maintaining their independence. Retirement should be enjoyed, not spent doing household chores. This assisted living facility is designed for elderly individuals who are both completely independent and/or individuals who need personal assistance with daily activities. The physical requirement for SunnySide is that the individual must be able to get out their apartment and through the hallways’ double doors without assistance from another individual. This is a state-mandated requirement to help assure safety. SunnySide offers assisted living at its finest. Each apartment includes a living room, kitchenette, spacious closets, and nearby parking. Residents can enjoy restaurant-style dining where they are provided with three meals each day. The meals are prepared in a homemade fashion and individuals can enjoy their meal while visiting with other…

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  • Occupational Therapy Case Study

    normal way of life. These changes from old age and problems from aging such as falls and illnesses like a stroke. This calls for further assistance from health professionals. Occupational therapy is detrimental to geriatric care because it can help the patient have more meaning to their life and get back to caring for themselves in the best way possible. Occupational therapy allows the elderly to continue performing daily activities of self-care, help preventing falls, and assisting in…

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  • Doctor Interview

    one is facing. Even if you are involved on a daily basis, there could be health issues that have gone undetected or hidden from you. Different people notice different things. So it will be important to talk with other relatives, friends, and the loved one about their sense of what help is needed. If your’ loved one has not been to see a doctor recently, making a doctor’s appointment (a downloadable document by the National Institute on Aging) might be the best course of action. Under the…

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  • Long Term Care In Nursing Home

    Long-term care is defined as health, mental health, residential or social support provided to a person with functional disabilities on an informal or formal basis over an extended period of time with the goal of maximizing the person’s independence. The goal of long-term care is help people achieve functional independence, in contrast to the goal of acute care, which is to cure. The fundamental reason that a person needs long-term care is because they suffer from one or more functional…

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  • Long Term Care Research Paper

    Long Term Care Facilities Long term care is for an individual who requires assistance with physical or emotional needs over an extended period of time (Day, n.d.). The individual would need support with activities daily for healthy living. The individual would require this type of help due to illnesses, diseases or age preventing the individual from doing daily activities (Day, n.d.). “Estimates by experts are that at least 60% of all individuals will need extended help in one or more of the…

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  • Edenhill Community Analysis

    EdenHill Communities is a non-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located in New Braunfels, Texas. EdenHill began as a charitable home for older adults in 1910, and by the 1980’s EdenHill evolved to include a large skilled nursing unit, a rehabilitation center, assisted living apartments, and cottages for independent living (2016). Today, EdenHill Communities has a large campus with a number of buildings for independent living, and one large building with separate areas for…

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  • How Does Water Affect Our Future

    Society:Focus on Elder Care and Senior Living The world of health care is only growing each day. The amount of care needed for the late baby boomer population is rising and the demand for caretakers is higher than ever. Water has been proven a necessity to live, but it has other important roles as well. Water is also used for medical and therapeutic care. In the elderly population it has been know to decrease stress, help with depression, relieve pain of arthritis and other autoimmune…

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  • Long Term Care: A Case Study

    individuals with some of the most basic Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) like eating, bathing, and dressing. LTC also helps support Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) including: housework, medication management, cleaning, and grocery shopping (“What is Long Term Care?”). LTC services in the United States help meet the needs of older adults with functional limitations and other healthcare needs. LTC services is highly regulated by the government and accounts for a significant…

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  • 12 Elements Of Nursing: The Twelve Activities Of Living

    The theory The Elements of Nursing was put together by Nancy Roper, Winifred W. Logan and Alison J. Tierney. This theory uses a set of twelve activities of living (AL’s), based on every person: healthy, sick, or dying. These twelve AL’s are considered a “model of living” (2014). The purpose of this model is for nurses to refer to, to make sure every patient receives the appropriate care, and is living a life that they are meant live. The Twelve Activities of Living The twelve AL’s are as…

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  • Nursing Home Observation Paper

    An assisted living facility, or nursing home, is a long term senior care option that provides personal care services to geriatric or injured patients. Assisted living communities provide basic medical monitoring as well as activities of daily living (ADLs). For this field work assignment, I visited ManorCare Health Services, an assisted living and rehab facility located in Towson, MD. This specific location specializes in ensuring vital medical care and rehabilitation in a warm and caring…

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