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  • Diversity In Art

    Museums are special places for many aspiring artists, why only let some of the population, a minority of its members, garner success because of their skin color and gender rather than their actual talent? Action and innovation have been the elements necessary to progress art itself forward and develop truly worthwhile art movements. Social activism, not only in the industry but by the artists themselves, is needed for change to happen to break down the barriers of preconceived thought that we have before us. We need to understand how the perpetuation of stereotypes only hurts the community as well socio-political state of the world. We need to understand how gender plays a role into today’s jobs and society. Creating more cultural diversity in the art world would only be beneficial to the art world as inspiration can be found within all things and all cultures. Museums need to strive for equality of the races and sexes, and begin integrating different cultures into their…

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  • Analysis Of Maus: A Survivor's Story And Persepolis

    In troubling times, many people look to their faith as a source of guidance and inspiration. This certainly rings true in two graphic novels: Maus: A Survivor’s Story, written by Art Spiegelman, and Persepolis, written by Marjane Satrapi. Maus tells the story of Vladek Spiegelman’s experience as a Polish Jew in the Holocaust. Persepolis, an autobiographical novel, follows Marjane, a religious young girl who has a passion for activism growing up during the Islamic Revolution. These two authors…

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  • Summary Of Small Change By Malcolm Gladwell

    to the category of activism. During social activism, there are two types of people who contribute to social change. There are the motivated people who participate in more risky actions, and there are the less motivated people who use 160 characters or make a few clicks to contribute. For Gladwell, what is critical towards the success of social change is embodied human connection between individuals. This is the foundation for creating the “strong…

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  • Cesar Chavez Movement Research Paper

    “Huelga! Huelga! Huelga!” grandma screamed alongside Cesar Chavez and hundreds of other protesters outside the Delano, California vineyards. The rays of the burning sun, searing their skin were the least of their concerns. Protesters were there to proclaim justice for all the farm workers that had been denied the right for proper working conditions in the fields. Bertha Silva came from a Mexican decedent, her parents moved to Delano, California when she was the age of 11. Soon after arriving,…

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  • Positive Change In Society

    A word often associated with protesting is activism. Activists are people who are looking for positive change in society (“What Is An Activist”). Activism is a broad term; there are people that seek change in society but don’t call themselves activists, yet they are activists. Activists can change society in a very small to very big way, but the keywords for activism is “positive change”. Activists claim they seek positive change, but who defines positive? Many protests are controversial. Take…

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  • Essay On Suburbanization

    The emergence of the suburbs caused both cultural and political changes in the 1960s and 1970s. The suburbs represented prosperity, affluence, and security, while also creating a more society with more homogeneity. The development of interstate highways in the 1950s made suburbanization easier because it gave citizens the ability to commute to work from the suburbs (Suri, Lecture 20). The suburbs divided communities and separated individuals from the cities, creating a form of self-segregation,…

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  • Political Party Activism

    party would be party activists. What is a party activist? In a Political Behavior article, Edward Carmine and James Woods write, “political activists are a heterogenous group and include delegates to the nominating conventions, those citizens heavily involved in campaign activities, major financial contributors to political parties,” (364). Activism is action taken for a cause that goes beyond what is considered standard or routine. A political party activist is an individual who spends time…

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  • Malcolm Gladwell: Social Media's Negative Impact On Society

    united us together as people to achieve a common goal. Today, people still understand that one person cannot do it all and that to gather followers efficiently you need social media to do it more efficiently. But he wants to think that social media has a negative impact on society. He believes that the real activists are the ones who are not using technology and are working with the people they know. And have strong ties with to make a difference. But conventional wisdom has it that anything in…

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  • The Influence Of Music In Politics

    In recent years, musicians have routinely used their voices in efforts to support or protest politicians and their policies. Some artists choose to release public statements in support of or decrying political candidates, while others choose to support or decry candidates by penning or dedicating songs to them. Oftentimes, especially in this past Presidential election cycle, musicians have denied political candidates permission to use their music in campaigning efforts. Some of these artists may…

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  • Political Process Model Essay

    was trying to formally control the movement despite the failure of the Coordination Committee. While the organisers of YouStink have rejected being called leaders in an attempt to portray inclusivity, YouStink has a hierarchical decision-making process, from which many volunteers are excluded (Chehayeb, 2015). As pressure grew and people demanded more, to topple the system, the YouStink organisers were reluctant to move towards such a goal. While the protesters were anxious to act, YouStink held…

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