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  • Eddie The Eagle Essay

    This weekend Eddie the Eagle 'fly 's ' onto the big screen as a heartwarming and inspiring underdog story about real life Michael Edwards who, in 1988, became the first ski jumper to represent Great Britain in the winter Olympics. Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Legend, Testament of Youth) plays Eddie Edwards who from a very young age has always wanted to compete in the national Olympics. Bum leg or no he train 's himself religiously to be good at...well any sport will do! He only wants to compete. However one day he finds his true calling: Skiing! And after fate deals him crummy hand; Ski Jumping! While we 're dreaming big let 's set the goals a little higher, Eddie plans to become the first British jumper in the winter Olympics…

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  • Stereotypes In Divergent Movie

    Most movies present characters with supernatural abilities that humans would never be able to do (have), yet in the movie Divergent, the character Tris is surprisingly relatable to the viewers. In this seemingly Utopian society, all members must pick one of only five different factions, to which they must remain in for the rest of their life. The scene I chose shows Tris going through the Dauntless ritual after she chose them as her faction. She ends up climbing structures, getting onto a full…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Ski Trip To Vermont

    Ski Trip to Vermont My friends and I consider ourselves to be very spontaneous and adventurous. It was one cold week in February of 2016, when a group of about 6 of my friends (including me) all decided that we wanted to go to Vermont for the weekend to ski and snow tube. Considering this would be my first trip with no parental guidance at all, I was apprehensive about asking my mom. On the way to drop me off after school one day, my best friend Tony told me to tell her that he was going too…

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  • Exploring-Personal Narrative

    For Martyna. My best friend and biggest fan. Back Track Traveling through the mountains that are pregnant with a winter breeze, a light grey haze slowly forces itself into my line of sight. As we travel at this remarkable speed, the haze becomes brighter and brighter, slowly engulfing more and more of my surroundings. With each passing second, everything that I see forms one image. They become the spectacle that is my future. I’m still young and have no way to interpret what I have seen.…

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  • Reflection On Erik Wehenmayer

    No Barriers Reflection Imagine every sport you love playing being ripped away from you. One day, you’re able to hike up mountains to see a breathtaking view, and the next you can’t see two inches in front of you. This is exactly what happened to Erik Weihenmayer right before his first year of high school. Although he didn’t go blind out of the blue, it was still as if the Earth had shifted from right beneath him. Erik always new his juvenile retinoschisis would one day claim his vision, but…

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  • Narrative Essay On Snow

    A Snowboarders nightmare I was a kid about ten black hair and was so cool...ish. I was heading to a mountain a big white snowy mountain full of nerds. Just kidding there were cool. The First time I ever snowboarded I got lost. About two years ago was packing my bags in my room getting ready for my first snowboarding trip. I was double checking everything in my bag to make sure i had everything I needed, Gloves, hand warmer, goggles, helmet, and so on. Then it was time to leave. I was sitting in…

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  • Mountaineers In Lesile Stephen's The Playground Of Europe

    Mountaineers are small black dots on the peaks of mountains to onlookers. A mountaineer is an athlete who summits the peaks of mountains for sport. Through the lens of Lesile Stephen, British mountaineer turned author of the book “The Playground of Europe”, this essay defines the characteristics of those who start at 3:00 A.M. to summit peaks of mountains before noon, braving wind, ice, glaciers, and the lights the Alps have to offer. Stephen compares mountain climbing as a sport to formal…

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  • The Manipulation Of Macbeth In William Shakespeare's Play

    Imagine someone pushes a snowball down a hill as it rolls down the steep hill someone else give it an extra push. Who's fault is it when the snowball, massive in size, hits a pedestrian and injures them? The one who initially pushed the snowball down the hill or the one who gave it the extra push? This is what happens in Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the witches gave the initial push to Macbeth while Lady Macbeth gave an extra push all leading to the murder of many. Before all of this,…

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  • Narrative Essay On Ski Lift

    I nervously walked to the ski lifts with my cousins in a heavy red coat and black gloves. When I tried breathing, a cloud of white came out. I kept trying to calm my fired up nerves with breathing techniques. Try as I might, I couldn’t get my nerves to calm down. It was like my nerves were on fire and that fire couldn’t be put out. When we finally got to the ski lifts, my legs suddenly felt as if they had been weighed down. The closer the ski lift came, the heavier my legs were. I started to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Snowboarding

    As I was accustomed to turning on skis, I automatically assumed it would be as simple as turning the board with your feet. This knowledge did not translate well to snowboards, and as I attempted to turn right on the beginner’s slope, I fell backwards into the snow with a loud, audible THUD! As it turns out, turning on a snowboard requires you to apply pressure on the board with both feet in the desired direction you want to turn; this method causes the snowboard to carve a deep ridge in the…

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