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  • Essay Of A Purpose For A Diplomatic Security Special Agent

    I believe I am a good candidate for the Diplomatic Security Special Agent position as I am a highly motivated individual and I am a very hard worker. I am a highly motivated individual and hardworking because I have a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement from Western Illinois University as well as a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Police Executive Management. While in graduate school I worked on a couple of class projects regarding the use of Body Scanners and Less Lethal Weapons and the Court Cases regards both. While as a graduate student, I participated in a summer school program of Irish Studies at Queens University in Belfast, Norther Ireland. While there, I learned about Irish History, Culture, and an in-depth look at The Troubles. They…

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  • The Gibbs Reflective Model

    Applying Gibbs reflective cycle As requested, I’m going to apply the Gibbs reflective cycle to a moment in my life, the moment I’ve chosen is of me decided to attend Birmingham City University instead of choosing other options available to myself. Experience: What happened was I got accepted by several University’s and I had to choose between Birmingham City, Staffordshire University and Derby University. Feelings: My feelings at that time were pretty jovial, because I was happy to see that I…

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  • Schrödinger's Son: A Short Story

    dispassionate and procedural notice of the missing status of Edwin’s son. The cheering, the smiling, and the exuberance shown in the papers and heard on the radio were simply layers of the duplicitous facade of war, established by the unscrupulous government, magnetising young men to volunteer, and inevitably perish. He had comfortably struggled to the middle of his yard. A rough twenty metres rested between Edwin and the mailbox, a rough twenty metres away from understanding the death of his…

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  • Ballad Of Birmingham Analysis

    In the poem Ballad of Birmingham, it isa about a young girl and her mother. They live in a a during a time where segregation, the young girl wants to march for his freedom, to end the racial problem in the United States, it is based on a true event that happened where an African American church got bombed. The author depicts irony, she doesn't want to let her daughter go down to march in the freedom parade because it is to dangerous for a young girl. But instead she sends her to church where…

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  • You Ve Got Thing Comin Rhetorical Analysis

    Your groove: perhaps how music makes you feel, how it stimulates your body with the beat of a drum or the riff of a guitar. My groove: on the same level as your groove, only it goes just a bit further than just the feel. A machinist’s groove: the point at which a tool does work. We all see groove differently, figuratively and technically. We’ll be focusing on grooves that match up, your’s and mine, and how we’ll see that groove is more than just feelings. We’ll be exploring groove’s historically…

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  • Analysis Of The Vulture And The Little Girl By Philip White

    Over the years, media has been a strong element of entertainment. Whether photographs or videos, there is a strong expectation of an aesthetic or humorous appeal. However, in some rare occasions, they provide a powerful emotional appeal. Like Kevin Carter’s The Vulture and the Little Girl where a vulture was waiting to devour a starving five-year-old girl about to die of hunger, Charles Moore’s Life Magazine Birmingham 1963 Protest photo employs different photography elements such as focus,…

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  • The Importance Of My Wonderful Education In Skitzland

    My Wonderful Education in Skitzland “The Fairy tale teaches the spiritual essentials, which facts alone cannot communicate.” (Ostry) Is “My wonderful Adventure in Skitzland” simply a fairy tale or a lesson on social reform filled to the brim with satire? Henry Morley wrote the story to be published in Household Words on January 6, 1850 not only for the fanciful enjoyment of the reader but also for the education of the middle classes. Henry Morley not only was a lecturer, writer and a…

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  • The Poem Ballard Of Birmingham By Dudley Randall

    In the poem “Ballard of Birmingham,” Dudley Randall is very interesting. Dudley Randall illustrates a conflict between a child who wishes to attend a Freedom March in Birmingham, Alabama with the other children and a mother who are trying to protect her child from the racism that is going on at the march. He uses repetition and tone to show the reader how racism and a mother love played affected this child’s life. Randall use repetition to demonstrate how the mother is trying to protect her…

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  • The Importance Of Accounting And Finance

    In this essay, I will explore what accounting and finance is and why I have chosen to study it at the University of Birmingham. Accounting and finance are two separate disciplines that have some similar characteristics. The main difference between accounting and finance is that finance focuses on the present and future whereas accounting focuses on the past (Aspillera, 2014). The University of Birmingham is amongst the top providers for accounting and finance due to its credibility,…

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  • Walter Rauschenbusch Segregation

    about love and how men are created equal, yet confused him further about the existence of racial segregation. As he studied and grew older, he began to organize protests against unfair treatment of his fellow man, creating large social movements throughout many cities. Through his peaceful protests, many cities began removing unjust laws dividing…

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