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  • Gravitational Waves

    GRAVITATIONAL WAVES, HOW CLOSE ARE WE? PHSCS 222 Collective Paper November 23, 1999 #123 #272 #666 #895 The Detection of Gravitational Waves, How Close Are We? Since the realization that the general theory of relativity predicts gravitational waves, there have been attempts to actually detect these waves. Indirect observations have been made that support their existence but no direct measurement. This paper gives a brief explanation of gravitational waves and discusses the current condition of the experimental search for gravitational waves. It deals with the newest techniques that will enable their detection. The focus of the paper is on three experimental groups: LIGO, VIRGO, and LISA. From our research of these groups…

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  • The Importance Of Photometry In The Laser Interferometer

    photodetector and it provides some useful information about the properties of the object or phenomenon under test. Interferometers are used to make very small measurements that cannot be achieved with any other method. An important application of interferometry is in the Laser Interferometer Gravitation wave Observatory(LIGO) which is used to detect gravitational waves predicted by Einstein.1.1 The LIGO interferometer is like the Michelson Interferometer as shown in…

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  • Nuclear Fusion Essay

    Einstein is one of the most well known physicists in history. Around a hundred years ago, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity was published and some parts of the theory have been proven. However, of February 12th, 2016 the last part of Einstein’s Theory, gravitational waves, was proven by LIGO. For most people this seems to be a minor thing. However this discovery makes a huge difference as it changes the way we can see and explore the universe. For my FD, I want to show how it was proven,…

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  • Isang Tikbalang Ka Lang Analysis

    2008. His poem “Maririing Tusok ng Kalawanging Karayom sa Nagngangalit na Ugat” won 1st place in the National Contest on Poetry Writing of Pandaylapi Ink in 1995. He was also awarded the Gawad Balagtas in 1996, Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in 2006, and Gawad Soc Rodrigo in 2007. He was also a fellow in UP-ICW Writers Workshop in 2007. Among his other works are “Tatlong Gabi, Tatlong Araw,” “It's Not That Complicated: Bakit Hindi pa Sasakupin ng mga Alien ang Daigdig sa 2012,”…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Radio Astronomy

    We’re currently in the technology era, with new things being developed and discovered almost every day. Something crazy is always in the works and the next big technology always seems to be right around the corner. Self-driving cars and iPhones aside, some of the biggest advancements are happening in the industry of space exploration and physics. SpaceX just recently landed a launched rocket safely onto a barge out in the ocean, LIGO discovered that Einstein’s predicted gravitational waves are…

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