Dark matter

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  • Essay On Dark Matter

    Dark matter leaves astronomers and physicists baffled as to what it possibly could be. Scientists design experiments to attempt to figure out what it is, but no one truly knows what composes dark matter. Physicists are so interested in understanding dark matter because it accounts for the formation of the Universe, as observable through studying the distribution of gravity within galaxies (Carnegie). Original attempts at studying dark matter referred to dark matter as baryonic, which is a word used to describe baryons, or quark based particles. Quarks make up “normal” subatomic particles, and so when referring to dark matter as baryonic, physicists were assuming that dark matter was made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons, just like all types of known matter, yet that would infer that we would be able to observe dark matter through telescopes. In the 1970s, astrophysicists and astronomers thought browns dwarves could be composed of dark matter (Arguelles et…

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  • Dark Matter Vs Dark Energy Essay

    What are Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Introduction: To start with, Dark Matter is invisible material that permeates the galaxies. It exerts a gravitational influence on the stars causing them to deviate from Newton’s and Kepler’s laws. Dark Matter also affects members of a group of galaxies. The nature and composition of the Dark Matter are unknown. In space there is a lot of totally empty space, the vacuum, which contains energy. This energy is variously called Dark Energy and also may be…

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  • Zwicky's Argument For The Existence Of Dark Matter?

    immediately have two distinct phrases come to mind: Dark matter and dark energy. From being mentioned in groundbreaking scientific journals and television and movie series’ to even this essay you are reading, dark matter and its existence has made quite the impression on scientists, documentarians and aspiring students.…

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  • Energy Vs Dark Energy

    Dark energy is a term scientists use to describe the unknown source of energy which causes the universe to accelerate outwards rapidly, causing the known universe to expand. This is another concept which is directly applicable to the theory of increasing entropy in the universe. The universe is theorized to have begun in a much more condensed and orderly state and began to expand and accelerate outwards from the origin point of the universe. As the universe continues to expand, it also becomes…

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  • The Symbolism Of The Werewolf

    possession." Just like werewolves, every human being constantly carries this part of them around every day wherever they go. Each individual, whether they know about it or not, has this slot in the back of their conscience filled with this dark matter that, at any given moment, can be triggered and take over the more sensible parts of the brain. It is not a matter of possession. This darkness is inside of us all from the day we are born, and it only grows stronger the older we are. It is only a…

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  • Space Exploration Research Paper

    futures that could come from space exploration and the advancements towards in it. If one were to look at all the discoveries made about the universe, they would find that there is a direct correlation between the discovery that was made and the advancement of mankind at that point in time. An example of this would be the technology used to observe black holes throughout the universe by using x-rays it is now the universal method to observe nuclear fusion and nuclear fission reactions (Dick 4).…

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  • Black Holes Informative Essay

    One of the most strange and interesting things in my opinion is called a black hole. The most interesting thing about them is that they can completely make something disappear but the item keeps it's original mass. That is why I will be writing about black holes in this paper. People have been studying black holes for a long time. In 1915 Albert Einstein published his theory on black holes. But the same year Karl Schwarzschild proved that theory correct. And people have performed more and more…

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  • Milky: Achieving Cosmic Consciousness

    consciousness. First, let us remember the privilege of seeing the wondrous sights in the solar systems, interstellar space, and the intergalactic space during the journey here across the Milky Way Galaxy. In essence, cosmic consciousness is an awareness of the connections amongst all matter in the universe. Furthermore, it is a state of achieving pure knowledge of everything in the universe here and now without having to travel anywhere. There is no separation into distinct celestial bodies…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Galaxies

    The universe today is huge. Scientists and Astronomers are finding new galaxies, planets asteroids, and more. But today, that's not what we are going to talk about. We’re going to talk about galaxies. Have you ever wondered what a galaxy really is? In the early 1900s, astronomers . Astronomers argued about spiral shaped, gas, dust were getting closer to discovering galaxiessome star vast cloud found in the night sky. In 1919, Edwin Hubble, an astronomer found the answers. Hubble used his…

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  • Synopsis Of The Story 'Safe Haven' By Nicholas Sparks

    “Katie slipped on a pair of beat- up converses sneakers. The chest of drawers stood largely empty and there was almost no food in the kitchen but as she stepped out of the house and into the sunshine and headed towards the store, she thought to herself, this is home. Drawing in a deeply scented breath of hyacinth and fresh- cut grass, she knew she hadn't been happier in years “ . (Sparks) Katie is finally happy she found a safe haven, safer place to live. Katie is learning to be independent and…

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