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  • Darth Vader: A Tragic Hero

    Darth Vader stands at a towering six-foot eight-inches and wears a black and bulky suit with a black cape and a belt around his waist that holds his lightsaber and gun. He wears an intimidating mask that covers his entire face, without his mask, Vader would die unless in his specially pressurized meditation rooms. His suit is made as a life support suit because Darth Vader nearly lost his life at one time when fighting against his former Jedi-Kinight master, Obi-Wan Kenobi (1). Vader was once a courageous Jedi-Knight but later was seduced to the dark side of the force and became an extremely powerful Sith Lord(2), which is a title for people who have a deep knowledge of the dark side of the force, for the Empire. In his past, Darth Vader…

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  • Anakin Skywalker Character Analysis

    he was the chosen one so they decided to make him a jedi obi wan would be his master. He was very cocky and arrogant as he got older he was sent on a mission to protect the queen of naboo who he later married he often had nightmares about her mother so he decided to go back to tatooine to visit her he couldn't find her he asked around and he found out that she was abducted by sand people when he found her she was badly beaten and died in her arms out of rage and anger he slaughter every sand…

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  • Luke Skywalker: The Hero's Journey

    After many near death experiences, saving the Princess, and creating a better life for others, Luke Skywalker is definitely a hero. Luke is a teenager who lived with his aunt and uncle. He would work for his uncle as a farmer. He heard of Princess Leia when he met R2-D2 and C3PO. R2D2 projected a hologram of Princess Leia asking Obi-wan-kenobi for help. Luke wanted Princess Leia, but she was captured by Darth Vader, so he went on an adventure to save her. However, this is where the refusal…

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  • Revenge Of The Sith Analysis

    The Force Will Lure You in Star Wars Fans Revenge of the Sith is a great read for Star Wars fans and for teenagers that like a great Sci-Fi adventure. “Star Wars, Episode 3, Revenge of the Sith” is written by Patricia Wrede. This novel is the 3rd episode of the Star Wars epic saga which follows Anakin Skywalker as he struggles to cope with the duty of being a Jedi Knight and the role as the secret husband of Senator Padme Amidala. An exciting novel that features the creation of Darth Vader and…

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  • Star Wars Greed

    for power. This is noticeable in Star Wars V, when Darth Vader tells Luke that if he joins forces with the dark side, they both will be able to control the galaxy as father and son. Furthermore, Darth Vader continually reminds…

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  • Separation And Initiation Stages Of Luke Skywalker Hero's Journey

    when he is grabbed and dragged under by a dianoga and seemed to have disappear. When he comes back up the walls start closing in and they narrowly escaped being crushed to dead. Luke escapes dead and something in him has changed. He isn’t the little kid that he was at the beginning anymore. He is ready to undergo his metamorphosis. Apostasis is the transition to another level, the elevation, death and the rebirth of someone. This stage was crucial for Luke as he lost Obi Wan Kenobi, but as the…

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  • I Am Your Father The Villain And The Future Self Analysis

    The text by Nathaniel Van Yperen, “I am Your Father: the Villain and the Future Self” talks at length about perceiving the villain of a story as a version of one’s “future self”, as in Star Wars between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Van Yperen describes Darth Vader as a villain because Luke can see himself someday turning out like his father. The concept of the “future self” can also be applied to Junot Diaz’s work, “Fiesta, 1980.” Nathaniel Van Yperen defines a villain as someone that a…

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  • Star Wars A New Hope Analysis

    It starts on a ship and is being attacked by the Empire led by Darth Vader and his crew. Princess Leia manages to put secret rebel information about the Death Star into the R2-D2 droid on the ship. However, she is captured by Darth Vadar and is held captive on his ship. R2-D2 and his other droid friend C-3PO escape and are not captured from the evil Darth Vader and venture for many miles until they are both found by a young, ambitious boy name Luke Skywalker. Shortly after,…

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  • Philosophical Themes In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

    people to have favorite films that they really do not completely understand. One of the most nostalgic movies in history, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, contains many disguised philosophical themes that many viewers have overlooked for multiple decades. The philosophical theme most relevant in the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is that there is a driving force behind the events that happen in one’s lifetime that is out of their control. Before one is able to depict the philosophical…

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  • Power Struggle In Star Wars

    ” – Han Solo. “If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” – Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” – Jedi Master Yoda. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” – Darth Vader Lord of the Sith Apprentice of the Emperor Darth Sidous. These famous quotes come from the epic Star Wars Saga that has thrilled millions of viewers for thirty eight years. Star Wars made its mark on the world with billions of dollars in revenues,…

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