Darth Vader

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  • Color White In Obi, The Villain And The Green Knight

    characteristics of the character wearing them. In one of the scenes, Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the heroes of the film, is fighting Darth Vader, the villain. Obi-Wan is the knowledgeable mentor to Luke Skywalker, another hero. Obi-Wan is a good person and believes in the idealistic Jedi society. He wears a white robe in this scene, representing his good characteristics. Darth Vader…

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  • Luke Skywalker Character Analysis

    protagonist is Luke Skywalker. This is because his actions propel the story and deliver the climax. This is because he climax is when Luke shoots down the Death Star. Without Luke the climax wouldn't have been delivered. The antagonist is Darth Vader because Darth Vader makes all decisions to eliminate the Rebels. He is the head of the force that is going against the Rebellion. The foil character is Han Solo. Han Solo is a very self involved character which makes Luke look a lot better. Luke…

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  • Good Vs. Evil In Star Wars: A New Hope

    A common recurring theme in literature, cinematography and even in life is the theme of good versus evil. Not only is it recurring, but it is the main focus of the legendary cinematic masterpiece Star Wars: A New Hope. Not only is it intricately weaved into its dramatic plotline, it is also displayed in a fine visual aesthetic. The first display of the idea of Good vs Evil is displayed through the characters. The protagonists Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are visually displayed as good…

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  • Greg Heffley In Touching Spirit Bear

    In Touching Spirit Bear Yoda is a perfect fit for Edwin. Yoda is a Jedi Master in “Star Wars” and is very wise, just like Edwin. Yoda teaches Luke Skywalker all the needs for becoming a master. Edwin taught Cole everything he needed to know to get rid of his anger. Edwin is old just like Yoda was 900 years old. Cole is the angriest character in Touching Spirit Bear. Throughout the book, the narrator kept on explaining that Cole’s anger was smoldering and was about to explode. In the movie…

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  • The Empire Strikes Back Sociological Theory

    solve his own problems. In the scene where Luke goes into the cave to fight something he has no knowledge of, armed only with what Yoda claims he does not need, he comes face to face with a vision of Darth Vader. Luke panics, and slips into a moment of channeling the Dark Side in order to defeat Darth Vader, only to watch in horror as his own face slips out from underneath the infamous black mask. Yoda understands all of this, and uses the opportunity as a teaching moment. In many ways, the…

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  • James Earl Jones Research Paper

    Have you ever wondered what the life of the voice of Darth Vader was. Well James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader. He is not just famous for that role. He has also played in many other movies and voiced many characters. James Earl Jones was a very successful Actor, but it wasn’t easy for him to get to that point. James Earl Jones mother was born August 24, 1910. She was the second child of Massie and Tom Henry (Hayday 33). She later on went to have James Earl Jones on January 17, 1931 in…

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  • Magic Elements In Star Wars: A New Hope

    In Star Wars: A New Hope by George Lucas contains many fantasy elements, one of the strongest being magic. In fantasy and science fiction movies, magic may be introduced as supernatural powers, the use of a paranormal energy, wizardry, god or god-like force. When a magic element is present, the characters can enhance their natural ability which results in an unexpected plot twist. In Star War: A New Hope, the primary source of magic is the Force. The Force helps Jedi’s and Sith’s develop and…

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  • Light And Love In Star Wars

    battles, Luke surrenders to his anger and fear as the Emperor and Darth Vader taunt him about his family. Darth Vader finds out about Luke’s sister and threatens to turn her to the dark side. “Sister! So... you have a twin sister. Your feelings have now betrayed her, too... If you will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps she will” (Lucas, Empire Strikes Back). In this moment, Luke is blinded by his anger and begins to attack Vader viciously. The thought of the empire hurting more of his…

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  • The Cinderlea Short Story

    So the prince named Darth Vader askes her to dance. She of course says yes. So they dance and dance. They dance so that everyone can see. They dance so gracefully then that all ends. The clock strikes twelve o’clock . “I have to go, thank you!” “Wait!” but it was to late she…

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  • Star Wars: A Comparative Analysis

    impregnated Queen Padme, only to Force choke her to near death in Revenge of the Sith after turning to the dark side of the Force and getting his legs lopped off by Obi-Wan only to become the Sith Lord Darth Vader. These events are unusual (4), even for the Star Wars universe. Finally, Luke’s father Darth Vader has the ability to control objects and people with his mind, because he a master of the dark side of the Force. This telekinetic ability could be interpreted as God-like (5). In the Star…

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