Data Link Layer

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  • Big E Banking Case Study

    GC is a huge company with over one hundred branches spanning many countries, this implies that software compatibility is paramount. Buying a software package from one company has two huge advantages over splitting the purchase between vendors, mainly ensured compatibility and support. As the company is large and split up between countries, GC needs to be confident that the software is able to communicate with each other. Failure in this area means that each branch will be delayed in its response to customers possible data inconsistencies across branches. Support is another incentive to buy from a single company. Buying the software from a single company ensures that reliable and adequate support will be provided to GC in-case of a problem. Buying a package from two different companies means that support for the software will only be provided for the respective…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 9 Assignment 1 Network Packet

    Carriegos 9/1/2015 Network Layer The main purpose of the network layer packet is connecting with the destination; it must be familiar with the topology subnet and choose the appropriate paths through it. When the source and destination are on different networks, the network layer (IP), have to deal with these differences. The services provided by the network layer should be independent of the topology subnet. The transport layer must be protected in the number, type, and topology of this…

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  • Routing And Wavelength Assignment Problem (RWA)

    Design Analysis A connection is recognized in the optical layer regulates to carry the information among the clients in the network. The optical connection is preserved between a source node, s and destination node, d is known as an light path. The problem in finding a route for a light path with wavelength assigned to the light path is submitted as the routing and wavelength assignment problem (RWA). The problem of RWA is divided into two parts : Routing and Wavelength Assignment. In the…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Network Analysis Paper

    Figure 3 demonstrates the 3 layers that make up the SDN structure. Lowest layer represents the Infrastructure Layer or Forwarding Plane, mainly focusing on data forwarding but it also takes care of monitoring local information and gathering statistics. Next layer represents the Control Layer or Control Plane which is responsible for programming and managing the Forwarding Plane. Control Plane makes use of the information gathered by the Forwarding Plane in order to define the route and operation…

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  • Importance Of Wire Rope

    sheave flange. Excessive wear in the sheave bearings can cause rope fatigue from vibration. Large fleet angles will cause severe abrasion of the rope as it coils onto the drum. Furthermore, the rope will roll into the sheave groove introducing torque and twist, which may cause high stranding and bird-cages. [9] Regular inspections need to be performed to ensure that the rope is free from any contamination and dirt. This is important for the correct and successful lubrication maintenance of the…

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  • Importance Of Power Line Communications

    Unlike any other communication technology, Power Line Communications (PLC) is a technology whereby a sender modulates the data to be sent, injects it onto medium, and the receiver demodulates the data to read it. The basic difference is that in PLC no extra wiring is needed. Considering the ubiquity of power lines, it implies that with PLC, virtually all line-powered devices can be controlled or monitored. Generally, PLC uses the same electric cables for the purpose of power delivery and…

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  • Difference Between Lining And Interlining

    The comparison of lining and interlining materials are given in Table 13.2 Table 13.2 Comparison of lining and interlining materials Sl. No Lining Interlining 1 It is used inside of garments or garment components. It is used between two layers of fabric. 2 It is attached by sewing. It is attached by sewing or applying heat and pressure. 3 Finishing is not necessary. Sometimes finishing is necessary to improve its properties. E.g. shrink resist finish. Crease resists finish. 4 No coating is…

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  • Lesson 6.7 Error Effecting Codes In Communication

    Text Data Computers represent information using bits. A bit string is a sequence of zero or more bits. This information is encoded by the sender and will be transmitted. The receiver then decodes the information. Data sent may be corrupted along the way because noise may interfere every time an information is transmitted to any channel. A channel is the physical medium through which information is transmitted. Examples of channels include telephone lines, internet cables, fiber optic lines,…

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  • Flow Control Vs. Congestion Control In Computer Networks: Questions And Analysis

    Networks because of its mechanism of controlling the data flow between sender and receiver. As a result if there is a slow receiver this is not overwhelmed with all the data transmitted by…

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  • Varsity Team Case Study

    different elements that are affecting the overall performance and commitment of the Varsity team. The Varsity crew has a large pressure to be the best in the program, because that is what they have been selected for; on the other hand, the Junior Varsity crew has “nothing to lose”. This affects both teams’ motivation, because the J.V team is intrinsically motivated through enjoyment of the sport. However, the Varsity team is extrinsically motivated, because it craves the praise associated with…

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